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Yesterday and Today

Eddie Kamae  Main Performer

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1 Ka 'Opae [The Shrimp]   3:06
2 Ku'ulei Na'u La [My Beloved One]   3:19
3 E Ku'u Morning Dew [My Morning Dew]   3:16
4 Kehaulani [Heavenly Mist] Traditional 2:59
5 Ua Nani 'O Nu'uanu [Beautiful Is Nu'uanu] Kamae 4:03
6 Maka Ua [Little Raindrops]   3:45
7 Kawika Slack Key Rogers 1:39
8 Ka Lama 'Ae One [The Light of the Sandy Beach] Traditional 3:36
9 Punalu'u Nani [Beautiful Punalu'u]   4:30
10 Kanaka Waiolina [The Fiddle Man]   3:07
11 Mauna'olu [Pleasant Mountain] Traditional 3:56
12 Sweet Haha 'Aia Ka Manu [Sweet Lobelia, Food of the Birds] Traditional 3:24
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Yesterday and Today

Audio Compact Disc

Label: Hawaii Sons Records

Yesterday and Today

UPC: 761268860422

Release Date: 01/29/2008

Original Release Date: 01/29/2008

Number of Discs: 1

Tracks: [Ka 'Opae [The Shrimp], Ku'ulei Na'u La [My Beloved One], E Ku'u Morning Dew [My Morning Dew], Kehaulani [Heavenly Mist], Ua Nani 'O Nu'uanu [Beautiful Is Nu'uanu], Maka Ua [Little Raindrops], Kawika Slack Key, Ka Lama 'Ae One [The Light of the Sandy Beach], Punalu'u Nani [Beautiful Punalu'u], Kanaka Waiolina [The Fiddle Man], Mauna'olu [Pleasant Mountain], Sweet Haha 'Aia Ka Manu [Sweet Lobelia, Food of the Birds]]

Adam Greenberg

Although Eddie Kamae has been putting out documentaries and albums consistently over the years, he hasn't made any new recordings since 1980 or so (the albums have always been compilations of his classic Sons of Hawaii recordings). This album marks his return to the recording studio, using a newer, younger band. The album is split between old recordings (since remastered) with his old classic group and new recordings using a surrogate group, as it were. In truth, Kamae has been performing with the new Sons of Hawaii for a while anyway, but had yet to record. The songs are all excellent compositions, making careful use of the instruments and showing a true tenderness for the history of the style and for the language used in them. Kamae has lost his higher register, but his slightly deeper, older vocals still work well within the compositions, imparting perhaps a more historic sound than intended, but an excellent one. Fans of Kamae should probably pick up the classic Sons of Hawaii recordings or compilations before this one, for the sound of the original masters. Nonetheless, this album makes a fine addition to the collections of those already attuned to Kamae's skill and history, and provides an excellent check-in with his more recent activities. ~ Adam Greenberg, Rovi