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Yesterday and Today

Eddie Kamae  Main Performer

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1 Ka 'Opae [The Shrimp]   3:06
2 Ku'ulei Na'u La [My Beloved One]   3:19
3 E Ku'u Morning Dew [My Morning Dew]   3:16
4 Kehaulani [Heavenly Mist] Traditional 2:59
5 Ua Nani 'O Nu'uanu [Beautiful Is Nu'uanu] Kamae 4:03
6 Maka Ua [Little Raindrops]   3:45
7 Kawika Slack Key Rogers 1:39
8 Ka Lama 'Ae One [The Light of the Sandy Beach] Traditional 3:36
9 Punalu'u Nani [Beautiful Punalu'u]   4:30
10 Kanaka Waiolina [The Fiddle Man]   3:07
11 Mauna'olu [Pleasant Mountain] Traditional
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