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Trunk Muzik 0-60

Yelawolf  Main Performer

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1 Get the F*** Up! Atha/Ho/Washington 3:03
2 Daddy's Lambo Atha/Pfaff/Wallace 3:47
3 That's What We on Now Atha/Prather/Washin 4:41
4 I Just Wanna Party Atha/Davis/Prather/ 5:11
5 Billy Crystal Atha/Schafer/Thomas 3:59
6 Pop the Trunk Atha/Washington 3:48
7 Box Chevy Atha/McCullom/Washi 4:53
8 Good to Go Atha/Freeman/Washin 3:37
9 Marijuana Atha/Washington 2:59
10 Love Is Not Enough Atha/James/Washingt 3:44
11 I Wish Atha/Ho/Prather/Woo 4:22
12 Trunk Muzik Atha/Washington 3:41
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Trunk Muzik 0-60

Audio Compact Disc

Label: Interscope

Category: Rap

Trunk Muzik 0-60

UPC: 602527421414

Release Date: 11/22/2010

Original Release Date: 11/22/2010

Number of Discs: 1

Tracks: [Get the F*** Up!, Daddy's Lambo, That's What We on Now, I Just Wanna Party, Billy Crystal, Pop the Trunk, Box Chevy, Good to Go, Marijuana, Love Is Not Enough, I Wish, Trunk Muzik]

Phil Freeman

Yelawolf is a white rapper from Alabama with a delivery somewhat similar to styles Eminem has employed in the past: fast delivery, lyrics displaying a mordant wit, and a tendency to wallow in images of poverty rather than glorifying mindless consumerism. But there's a horror-soundtrack darkness to his music, with synth lines reminiscent of John Carpenter, that gives it a greater intensity than Eminem's clowning can muster. Furthermore, he's defiantly country, describing mobile homes, trips to Wal-Mart, and generally setting himself up as what happens -- as he puts it in "That's What We on Now" -- "when the sticks meet the bricks." This release is described as a "retail mixtape," since it contains six tracks from Yelawolf's last underground release, Trunk Muzik, and six new tracks presumably recorded in the wake of his signing to Interscope. A few guests -- Raekwon, Bun B., and Gucci Mane -- show up, but it's when Yelawolf's on his own that he's strongest, as on "Pop the Trunk," one of his best-known underground tracks. A story of backwoods violence underpinned by piano that sounds culled from a Nine Inch Nails ballad, it could have come off the soundtrack to the Kentucky-set TV crime drama Justified or the movie Winter's Bone, about meth dealers in Appalachia. This mix of industrial/goth moroseness, hip-hop braggadocio, and stark lyrical brutality makes Yelawolf's major-label debut (whether you call it a mixtape or an album) interesting, but it remains to be seen how quickly the appeal of his persona and subject matter exhaust themselves. ~ Phil Freeman, Rovi