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Singles 93-03

The Chemical Brothers  Main Performer

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1 Song to the Siren Simons/Rowlands 4:32
2 Chemical Beats Rowlands/Simons 4:04
3 Leave Home Bazter/Simons/Rowla 5:06
4 Setting Sun Rowlands/Gallagher/ 4:01
5 Block Rockin' Beats Simons/Weaver Jr./R 4:54
6 The Private Psychedelic Reel Rowlands/Donahue/Si 9:07
7 Hey Boy Hey Girl Pettiford/Simons/Bl 4:50
8 Let Forever Be Gallagher/Simons/Ro 3:42
9 Out of Control Sumner/Rowlands/Sio 7:20
10 Star Guitar Simons/Rowlands 6:09
11 The Test Simons/Niemen/Ashcr 6:53
12 Get Yourself High Rowlands/Brereton/S 5:49
13 The Golden Path Coyne/Simons/Drozd/ 4:48
14 Not Another Drugstore [Planet Nine Mix] Warfield/Garofalo/S 6:52
15 The Duke Simons/Rowlands 5:38
16 If You Kling to Me I'll Klong to You Simons/Rowlands 5:23
17 Otter Rock Rowlands/Simons 4:08
18 Morning Lemon Simons/Rowlands 4:37
19 Galaxy Bounce Simons/Rowlands 4:46
20 Loops of Fury Simons/Rowlands 4:43
21 Delik Simons/Rowlands/Bur 5:29
22 Elektrobank [Original Live Version from the Rox, NYC-November 1] Rowlands/Simons 7:51
23 Under the Influence [Mix 2] Rowlands/Simons 5:28
24 Piku Playgroung [Live] Simons/Rowlands 4:56
25 Life Is Sweet [DVD] Simons/Rowlands/Bur  
26 Setting Sun [DVD] Rowlands/Simons/Gal  
27 Block Rockin' Beats [DVD] Simons/Weaver Jr./R  
28 Elektrobank [DVD] Rowlands/Simons  
29 Hey Boy Hey Girl [DVD] Rowlands/Simons/Pet  
30 Let Forever Be [DVD] Gallagher/Simons/Ro  
31 Out of Control Rowlands/Sumner/Sio  
32 Star Gitar [DVD] Simons/Rowlands  
33 The Test [DVD] Rowland/Simons/Ashc  
34 The Golden Path [DVD] Rowlands/Simons/Dro  
35 Hey Boy Hey Girl [DVD][Live] Evens/Fowler/Pettif  
36 Hoops [DVD][Live] Rowland/Alexander/S  
37 Setting Sun [DVD][Live] Rowlands/Gallagher/  
38 Temptation/Star Guitar [DVD][Live] Simons/Hook/Gilbert  
39 Chemical Beats [DVD][Live] Simons/Rowlands  
40 The Private Psychedelic Reel [DVD][Live] Donahue/Rowlands/Si  
41 Bonus Materials [DVD][*]    
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Singles 93-03

Audio Compact Disc

Label: Virgin

Style: House

Singles 93-03

UPC: 5099950827923

Release Date: 11/20/2007

Original Release Date: 11/20/2007

Number of Discs: 3

Tracks: [Song to the Siren, Chemical Beats, Leave Home, Setting Sun, Block Rockin' Beats, The Private Psychedelic Reel, Hey Boy Hey Girl, Let Forever Be, Out of Control, Star Guitar, The Test, Get Yourself High, The Golden Path, Not Another Drugstore [Planet Nine Mix], The Duke, If You Kling to Me I'll Klong to You, Otter Rock, Morning Lemon, Galaxy Bounce, Loops of Fury, Delik, Elektrobank [Original Live Version from the Rox, NYC-November 1], Under the Influence [Mix 2], Piku Playgroung [Live], Life Is Sweet [DVD], Setting Sun [DVD], Block Rockin' Beats [DVD], Elektrobank [DVD], Hey Boy Hey Girl [DVD], Let Forever Be [DVD], Out of Control, Star Gitar [DVD], The Test [DVD], The Golden Path [DVD], Hey Boy Hey Girl [DVD][Live], Hoops [DVD][Live], Setting Sun [DVD][Live], Temptation/Star Guitar [DVD][Live], Chemical Beats [DVD][Live], The Private Psychedelic Reel [DVD][Live], Bonus Materials [DVD][*]]