Gregory Rogove  Main Performer

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Long Play Record

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1 Khadi    
2 Carolyn    
3 Jackyl    
4 Castle Garden    
5 Vines    
6 Love Cherries    
7 Casa Azul    
8 Sunken Ships    
9 White Room    
10 Young Mountain    
11 Carolyn [the Bees Remix]    
12 Jackyl [Violens Remix]    
13 Sunken Sh-Illy (Sunken Ships) [Billy Marten Remix]    
14 Vines [Natalia Lafourcade Remix]    
15 Young Mountain [Devendra Banhart Remix]    
16 White Room [Storms Remix]    
17 Khadi [Hecuba Remix]    
18 Castle Garden [Carly Margolis Remix]    
19 Love Cherries [Adam Green Remix]    
20 Casa Azul [Lucky Dragons Remix]    
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Long Play Record

Label: Knitting Factory Records

Category: Jazz


UPC: 720841111719

Release Date: 01/31/2012

Original Release Date: 01/31/2012

Number of Discs: 2

Tracks: [Khadi, Carolyn, Jackyl, Castle Garden, Vines, Love Cherries, Casa Azul, Sunken Ships, White Room, Young Mountain, Carolyn [the Bees Remix], Jackyl [Violens Remix], Sunken Sh-Illy (Sunken Ships) [Billy Marten Remix], Vines [Natalia Lafourcade Remix], Young Mountain [Devendra Banhart Remix], White Room [Storms Remix], Khadi [Hecuba Remix], Castle Garden [Carly Margolis Remix], Love Cherries [Adam Green Remix], Casa Azul [Lucky Dragons Remix]]