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Old School New School

Daddy Freddy  Main Performer

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1 Keeping a Session Daddy Freddy/Rootsm 3:15
2 No Carbon Rootsman/Daddy Fred 4:07
3 Back Pon Dem Case Daddy Freddy/Rootsm 3:28
4 Worldwide Pollution Daddy Freddy/Rootsm 3:38
5 The Snake the Rat Daddy Freddy/Rootsm 3:42
6 God Come First Daddy Freddy/Rootsm 4:33
7 Imitator Daddy Freddy/Rootsm 3:33
8 Wa-Do-Dem Rootsman/Daddy Fred 3:52
9 Where Were You Daddy Freddy/Rootsm 3:38
10 Hot Gal Only Daddy Freddy/Rootsm 3:46
11 Fatal Attraction Rootsman [2]/Daddy 3:20
12 Heathen Rootsman/Daddy Fred 3:36
13 Back Pon Dem Case [Strongpoint Remix] Daddy Freddy/Rootsm 4:06
14 Wa Do Dem [Nigel Parker Remix] Daddy Freddy/Rootsm 3:56
15 Heathen [Strongpoint Remix] Rootsman/Daddy Fred 5:04
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Old School New School

Audio Compact Disc

Label: BSI

Category: Reggae

Old School New School

UPC: 751937137313

Release Date: 07/11/2000

Original Release Date: 07/11/2000

Number of Discs: 1

Tracks: [Keeping a Session, No Carbon, Back Pon Dem Case, Worldwide Pollution, The Snake the Rat, God Come First, Imitator, Wa-Do-Dem, Where Were You, Hot Gal Only, Fatal Attraction, Heathen, Back Pon Dem Case [Strongpoint Remix], Wa Do Dem [Nigel Parker Remix], Heathen [Strongpoint Remix]]

Rick Anderson

Connoisseurs of modern reggae will have high expectations for this collaboration between speed-rap legend Daddy Freddy and experimental U.K. dubmeister The Rootsman, and those expectations will, for the most part, be met. While Daddy Freddy is famous for his place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's fastest rapper (clocked, reportedly, at a tongue-numbing 508 syllables per minute), he is less widely recognized as simply one of the best dancehall DJs of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Rootsman has more of a cult following amongst aficionados of rootswise progressive dub. On Old School, New School The Rootsman delivers up a batch of solid rhythms that vary from classic ragga ("Keeping a Session") to ominous modern one-drop ("No Carbon") and steppers ("Where Were You"). Freddy himself is in fine form for the most part -- he occasionally loses track of the music's harmonic center, but he never fails to ride the rhythm with utter confidence and poise. Particular highlights include the dark and funky "Worldwide Revolution" and an apparent Eek-A-Mouse tribute, "Wa Do Dem." The program concludes with three excellent remixes. ~ Rick Anderson, Rovi