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Love & Liberte

Gipsy Kings  Main Performer

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1 No Viviré Baliardo/Reyes/Tinc 4:10
2 Campana Reyes [1]/Baliardo 4:10
3 Escucha Me Baliardo/Reyes 4:35
4 Ritmo de le Noche Reyes [1]/Baliardo 3:28
5 Madre Mia Reyes [1]/Baliardo 3:48
6 Pedir a Tu Corazon Reyes/Baliardo 4:35
7 Michaël Baliardo/Reyes [1] 4:04
8 Queda Te Aqui Baliardo/Reyes [1] 4:42
9 Guitarra Negra Reyes [1]/Baliardo 4:42
10 Navidad Reyes/Baliardo 3:28
11 Montaña Reyes/Baliardo 5:26
12 Love and Liberté Baliardo/Reyes 3:52
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Love & Liberte

Audio Compact Disc

Label: Elektra

Style: World Fusion

Love & Liberte

UPC: 075596159920

Release Date: 11/09/1993

Original Release Date: 11/09/1993

Number of Discs: 1

Tracks: [No Viviré, Campana, Escucha Me, Ritmo de le Noche, Madre Mia, Pedir a Tu Corazon, Michaël, Queda Te Aqui, Guitarra Negra, Navidad, Montaña, Love and Liberté]

Kieran McCarthy

After their internationally successful 1988 self-titled debut, few have followed the the Gypsy Kings' noteworthy fusion of their distinctive flamenco-inflected pop with other international influences. Love & Liberte, a 1994 Elektra Records release, is one of their few compilations of all-new material, one that demonstrates this growth perhaps more than any of their other projects. One of their more extravagant songs, "No Vivire" implements a prominent bassline and strong brass accents in the chorus. Equally pleasant but slightly less authentic, "Escucha Me" crosses their Spanish guitar sound with a full reggae ensemble. The album's zenith hits with two instrumental tracks, "Guitarra Negra" and "Love and Liberte." "Guitarra Negra" shows off castanets with bongos. Every few bars, the intensity seems to reach a peak, only to retreat and regroup for another charge. The title track evolves slowly, with a gradual guitar and bass crescendo highlighted by a series of sparse piano chords on selected downbeats for emphasis. Though not as energetic as their best work, Love and Liberte is still an easy album for a Gypsy Kings fan to appreciate. ~ Kieran McCarthy, Rovi