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The Lost Christmas Eve

Trans-Siberian Orchestra  Main Performer

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1 Faith Noel Reading/Kinkel/O'Ne 4:32
2 The Lost Christmas Eve Pitrelli/O'Neill 5:33
3 Christmas Dreams O'Neill/Kinkel 3:54
4 Wizards in Winter [Instrumental] O'Neill/Kinkel 3:05
5 Remember Kinkel/O'Neill 3:25
6 Anno Domine O'Neill 2:13
7 Christmas Concerto [Instrumental] O'Neill :42
8 Queen of the Winter Night O'Neill/Mozart 3:11
9 Christmas Nights in Blue O'Neill/Pitrelli 4:18
10 Christmas Jazz [Instrumental] O'Neill 2:16
11 Christmas Jam O'Neill 3:47
12 Siberian Sleigh Ride [Instrumental] O'Neill 3:08
13 What Is Christmas? O'Neill/Oliva 2:51
14 For the Sake of Our Brother O'Neill/Oakeley/Rea 3:09
15 The Wisdom of Snow [Instrumental] Kinkel/Oliva/O'Neil 2:01
16 Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness) [Instrumental] O'Neill/Liszt 3:42
17 Back to a Reason, Pt. 2 O'Neill/Oliva 4:52
18 Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time [Instrumental] O'Neill/Oliva 1:04
19 What Child Is This? O'Neill/Kinkel 5:57
20 O' Come All Ye Faithful [Instrumental] O'Neill 1:26
21 Christmas Canon Rock ONeill 5:02
22 Different Wings O'Neill/Pitrelli 2:44
23 Midnight Clear O'Neill 1:38
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The Lost Christmas Eve

Audio Compact Disc

Label: Lava Records

Style: Christmas

The Lost Christmas Eve

UPC: 075679314628

Release Date: 10/12/2004

Original Release Date: 10/12/2004

Number of Discs: 1

Tracks: [Faith Noel, The Lost Christmas Eve, Christmas Dreams, Wizards in Winter [Instrumental], Remember, Anno Domine, Christmas Concerto [Instrumental], Queen of the Winter Night, Christmas Nights in Blue, Christmas Jazz [Instrumental], Christmas Jam, Siberian Sleigh Ride [Instrumental], What Is Christmas?, For the Sake of Our Brother, The Wisdom of Snow [Instrumental], Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness) [Instrumental], Back to a Reason, Pt. 2, Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time [Instrumental], What Child Is This?, O' Come All Ye Faithful [Instrumental], Christmas Canon Rock, Different Wings, Midnight Clear]

David Jeffries

The story that unfolds during Trans-Siberian Orchestra's third Christmas CD deals with angels visiting New York City, which gives this orchestrated rock group a chance to draw upon a wide variety of modern music. The jaunty "Christmas Nights in Blue" sounds like it was influenced by Louis Jordan and is the coolest moment the orchestra has ever offered, while the driving "Christmas Jam" is Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein" with some sleigh bells. Not that the group was ever "traditional," but the songs here sound less influenced by the old Christmas standards, and they're generally more fun and uplifting. The quiet numbers are delicate and beautiful, and there are a number of them in the album's fourth quarter. The problem with the album is it's nearly choked with too much material, with a great number of the songs existing solely to move the story along. That's when the album gets too emotive, too forced, and too Electric Light Orchestra without Jeff Lynne. Good new is, whittle out the dreck and you've still have plenty left to enjoy. Even though it won't win them any new fans, The Lost Christmas Eve is rumored to be an "end of the trilogy" album. If so, the trilogy ends with a big, theatrical bang, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra fans wouldn't have it any other way. ~ David Jeffries, Rovi