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Hybrid Theory

Linkin Park  Main Performer

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1 Papercut Linkin Park 3:05
2 One Step Closer Linkin Park 2:36
3 With You Dust Brothers [US]/ 3:23
4 Points of Authority Linkin Park 3:20
5 Crawling Bourdon/Wakefield/B 3:29
6 Runaway Wakefield/Linkin Pa 3:04
7 By Myself Linkin Park 3:10
8 In the End Linkin Park 3:36
9 Place for My Head Linkin Park 3:05
10 Forgotten Linkin Park 3:14
11 Cure for the Itch Linkin Park 2:37
12 Pushing Me Away Linkin Park 3:12
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Hybrid Theory

Audio Compact Disc

Label: Warner Bros.

Style: Heavy Metal

Hybrid Theory

UPC: 093624775522

Release Date: 10/24/2000

Original Release Date: 10/24/2000

Number of Discs: 1

Tracks: [Papercut, One Step Closer, With You, Points of Authority, Crawling, Runaway, By Myself, In the End, Place for My Head, Forgotten, Cure for the Itch, Pushing Me Away]

William Ruhlmann

Linkin Park originally called itself Hybrid Theory and has retained that phrase for the title of its debut album. The "hybrid" in question is one of rap and metal. The guitars and drums lock into standard thrash patterns, over which singer Chester Bennington and rapper Mike Shinoda alternate in furious expressions of rage and frustration. "One Step Closer," the track released to radio in advance of the album's release, is a typical effort, with lyrics like "Everything you say to me/Takes me one step closer to the edge/And I'm about to break." ~ William Ruhlmann, Rovi