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History, Vol. 1: Coast to Coast

Jackie Wilson  Main Performer

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1 Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want to Meet) Carlo/Gordy 2:46
2 To Be Loved Gordy/Carlo/Gordy 2:30
3 Eteetera Gordy/Carlo 2:24
4 Come Back to Me Wilson 2:15
5 That's Why (I Love Her So) Gordy/Carlo/Gordy 2:06
6 I'll Be Satisfied Gordy/Carlo/Gordy 2:10
7 I'm Wanderin' Carlo/Gordy 2:43
8 We Have Love Gordy/Carlo/Gordy 2:24
9 Lonely Teardrops Gordy/Gordy/Carlo 2:44
10 You Better Know It Henry/Wilson 2:01
11 Talk That Talk Wyche 2:15
12 Doggin' Around Agree 2:52
13 A Woman, A Lover, A Friend Wyche 2:36
14 Shake a Hand Morris 3:07
15 Am I the Man King/Hamilton 2:35
16 Your One and Only Love Myles 2:42
17 I'm Comin' on Back to You Ott/Kasha 2:20
18 The Way I Am Geld/Udell 2:13
19 The Greatest Hurt Myles 3:09
20 There'll Be No Next Time Myles 3:01
21 Baby (I Just Can't Help It) Wilson/Tucker 2:34
22 My Tale of Woe Height/Singleton 3:01
23 A Girl Named Tamiko Bernstein/David 3:16
24 Baby Workout Wilson/Tucker 3:02
25 Shake! Shake! Shake! Adams/Stevenson 2:10
26 Now That I Want Her Tucker/Turner/North 2:24
27 The New Breed Evans/Reardon 2:08
28 Haunted House Peale 3:07
29 Call Her Up Wilson/Garvin 2:29
30 Squeeze Her - Tease Her (But Love Her) Tucker/Wilson 2:00
31 She's All Right Singleton 2:25
32 No Pity (In the Naked City) Wilson 3:32
33 I Believe I'll Love On Singleton 3:16
34 Think Twice Singleton 2:32
35 3 Days, 1 Hour, 30 Minutes Campbell/Tucker/Wil 2:03
36 Everything's Gonna Be Fine Tucker/Wilson 2:36
37 Soul Galore Winford/Hamilton 2:46
38 For Your Precious Love Brooks/Brooks/Butle 2:43
39 I Never Loved a Woman (The Way I Love You) Shannon 2:43
40 Shake a Leg Nichols 3:02
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History, Vol. 1: Coast to Coast

Audio Compact Disc

Label: Edsel

Style: Soul

History, Vol. 1: Coast to Coast

UPC: 740155176822

Release Date: 02/28/2006

Original Release Date: 02/28/2006

Number of Discs: 2

Tracks: [Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want to Meet), To Be Loved, Eteetera, Come Back to Me, That's Why (I Love Her So), I'll Be Satisfied, I'm Wanderin', We Have Love, Lonely Teardrops, You Better Know It, Talk That Talk, Doggin' Around, A Woman, A Lover, A Friend, Shake a Hand, Am I the Man, Your One and Only Love, I'm Comin' on Back to You, The Way I Am, The Greatest Hurt, There'll Be No Next Time, Baby (I Just Can't Help It), My Tale of Woe, A Girl Named Tamiko, Baby Workout, Shake! Shake! Shake!, Now That I Want Her, The New Breed, Haunted House, Call Her Up, Squeeze Her - Tease Her (But Love Her), She's All Right, No Pity (In the Naked City), I Believe I'll Love On, Think Twice, 3 Days, 1 Hour, 30 Minutes, Everything's Gonna Be Fine, Soul Galore, For Your Precious Love, I Never Loved a Woman (The Way I Love You), Shake a Leg]