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Girth of a Nation

Ralphie May  Main Performer

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1 Intro [DVD]    
2 Black Movie Theater [DVD]    
3 Open Water [DVD]    
4 Midgets [DVD]    
5 Mentally Challenged Americans [DVD]    
6 Rusty the Retard [DVD]    
7 Tard Happy [DVD]    
8 Tsunami [DVD]    
9 Popeapalooza [DVD]    
10 Drugs--The White Portion of the Show [DVD]    
11 Tips for Your Acid Trip [DVD]    
12 Tripping With Mitchell [DVD]    
13 Stupid Questions [DVD]    
14 Smokin' Weed With Jesus [DVD]    
15 Iraq, Terrorism & A Fury of Mullets [DVD]    
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Girth of a Nation


Label: Warner Bros.

Style: Comedy

Girth of a Nation

UPC: 075993869323

Release Date: 11/07/2006

Original Release Date: 11/07/2006

Number of Discs: 1

Tracks: [Intro [DVD], Black Movie Theater [DVD], Open Water [DVD], Midgets [DVD], Mentally Challenged Americans [DVD], Rusty the Retard [DVD], Tard Happy [DVD], Tsunami [DVD], Popeapalooza [DVD], Drugs--The White Portion of the Show [DVD], Tips for Your Acid Trip [DVD], Tripping With Mitchell [DVD], Stupid Questions [DVD], Smokin' Weed With Jesus [DVD], Iraq, Terrorism & A Fury of Mullets [DVD]]

David Jeffries

Back once again with the ill behavior, Ralphie May's sophomore release finds the hip-hop comedian sounding just as excited as he was on his debut, but twice as comfortable. In contrast, 2004's Just Correct was a full-on attack at the listener with its routines and attitude stopping just short of grating. With Girth of a Nation, May's found his voice and casually strolls through his love of black movie theaters, the mentally challenged, and his former love of drugs ("You know you're getting older when you give up all your drugs") in a way that draws the audience in. Besides his pacing, his material has also improved and his "equally opportunity offender" stance works better with some layered jokes offering relief from his more straight-ahead, stereotype-reliant material. He actually riffs on the tired topic of black movie theaters and pulls it off, thanks mostly to his love of the African-American culture and the "brotha card in my back pocket." Fans who fell for the bold comedian because of his Last Comic Standing and Celebrity Fit Club appearances are going to love his improved act. ~ David Jeffries, Rovi