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Die for the Government

Anti-Flag  Main Performer

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1 You'd Do The Same   2:21
2 Die For The Government   3:39
3 Drink Drank Punk   1:41
4 Rotten Future   1:58
5 Safe Tonight   2:42
6 Red White And Brainwashed   1:51
7 Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene   2:19
8 Summer Squatter Go Home   3:01
9 She's My Little GoGo Dancer   2:22
10 Police State In The USA   2:38
11 Punk By The Book   2:13
12 Fuck Police Brutality   2:20
13 I'm Being Watched By The CIA   2:12
14 Kill The Rich   3:04
15 No More Dead   3:49
16 Confused Youth   4:12
17 Your Daddy Was A Rich Man, Your Daddy's Fucking Dead   2:08
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Die for the Government

Long Play Record

Style: Punk

Die for the Government

UPC: 720308007012

Release Date: 01/20/1998

Original Release Date: 01/20/1998

Tracks: [You'd Do The Same, Die For The Government, Drink Drank Punk, Rotten Future, Safe Tonight, Red White And Brainwashed, Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene, Summer Squatter Go Home, She's My Little GoGo Dancer, Police State In The USA, Punk By The Book, Fuck Police Brutality, I'm Being Watched By The CIA, Kill The Rich, No More Dead, Confused Youth, Your Daddy Was A Rich Man, Your Daddy's Fucking Dead]

Jack Rabid

Admittedly, it's strange that an old school-sounding punk trio would criticize punk scene denizens thusly: "Covered in leather, or plaid patches, or metal studs/Your hair is dyed or spiked with glue/You only talk to those who look and act the way you do/You scoff at how the cops treat you/But they're no worse than dicks like you!" ("Punk by the Book"). It's even more strange in light of Anti-Flag's Discharge/Rancid haircuts, a dog collar, and even a shirt that says "destroy." But since they point out that what you think is more important than how you dress, fair enough, because they carry on a more crucial custom: warning MTV-polluted, 85-TV-channel youth that punk means doing something productive instead of being passive or getting drunk and into fights, and becoming aware of politics and history is a prerequisite before bitching about the government (such as the Pentagon's attempts to pretend there is no Gulf War syndrome, as Anti-Flag points out). Criticism from within is the only kind that's listened to. As well, on songs such as "Safe Tonight" and "Police State in the U.S.A.," Anti-Flag tosses up the kind of vintage, early-'80s, So-Cal, melodic punk that B.Y.O., Frontier, Posh Boy, and other labels specialized in, and a ska song is welcome. ~ Jack Rabid, Rovi