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Deceiver of the Gods

Amon Amarth  Arranger Amon Amarth  Composer Amon Amarth  Main Performer

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Audio Compact Disc [Super Deluxe Box]


1 Deceiver of the Gods Amon Amarth 4:19
2 As Loke Falls Amon Amarth 4:38
3 Father of the Wolf Amon Amarth 4:19
4 Shape Shifter Amon Amarth 4:02
5 Under Siege Amon Amarth 6:17
6 Blood Eagle Amon Amarth 3:15
7 We Shall Destroy Amon Amarth 4:25
8 Hel Amon Amarth 4:09
9 Coming of the Tide Amon Amarth 4:16
10 Warriors of the North Amon Amarth 8:12
11 Burning Anvil of Steel Amon Amarth 4:27
12 Satan Rising Amon Amarth 4:20
13 Snake Eyes Amon Amarth 3:12
14 Stand Up to Go Down Amon Amarth 3:27
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Deceiver of the Gods

Audio Compact Disc [Super Deluxe Box]

Label: Metal Blade

Category: Pop/Rock

Deceiver of the Gods

UPC: 039841520927

Release Date: 06/25/2013

Original Release Date: 06/25/2013

Number of Discs: 2

Tracks: [Deceiver of the Gods, As Loke Falls, Father of the Wolf, Shape Shifter, Under Siege, Blood Eagle, We Shall Destroy, Hel, Coming of the Tide, Warriors of the North, Burning Anvil of Steel, Satan Rising, Snake Eyes, Stand Up to Go Down]