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Araçá Azul

Caetano Veloso  Main Performer

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1 Viola, Meu Bem (Canta Edith Oliveira) Anonymous Composer :49
2 De Conversa/Cravo E Canela Nascimento/Veloso/B 5:44
3 Tu Me Acostumbraste Dominguez/Veloso 2:57
4 Gilberto Misterioso Veloso 4:50
5 De Palavra Em Palavra Veloso 1:20
6 De Cara/Eu Quero Essa Mulher Veloso/Veloso/menez 4:13
7 Sugar Cane Fields Forever (Participacao De Edith Oliveira) Veloso 10:15
8 Julia/Moreno Veloso 3:18
9 Epico Veloso 4:06
10 Arašß Azul Veloso 1:21
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Araçá Azul

Long Play Record

Category: Pop/Rock

Araçá Azul

UPC: 8013252914218

Release Date: 10/05/2007

Original Release Date: 10/05/2007

Tracks: [Viola, Meu Bem (Canta Edith Oliveira), De Conversa/Cravo E Canela, Tu Me Acostumbraste, Gilberto Misterioso, De Palavra Em Palavra, De Cara/Eu Quero Essa Mulher, Sugar Cane Fields Forever (Participacao De Edith Oliveira), Julia/Moreno, Epico, Arašß Azul]

Philip Jandovskř

Arašß Azul marks the end of Caetano Veloso's pop- and rock-oriented phase made up by his previous four studio albums. Arašß Azul is also the most experimental and "difficult" album that Veloso has ever made, and it bears few similarities to his earlier recordings. Many people who bought the album when it was newly released had expected it to be a natural and similar follow-up to 1972's Transa. After having listened to it, many of people got so disappointed with Arašß Azul that they actually went back to the stores where they had bought it and demanded a refund. On the other hand, Arašß Azul was very much acclaimed by critics. Typical tracks on the album are the fascinating "De Conversa," which doesn't have a melody or real lyrics, and the playful "Gilberto Misterioso." Another good track is the psychedelic, almost punk-styled "Eu Quero Essa Mulher." There is also the delicate and beautiful "J˙la/Moreno" and the equally beautiful "Tu Me Acostumbraste," with lyrics in Spanish. These last two songs perhaps give a hint of what Veloso would soon produce on '70s masterpieces like Jˇia, Bicho, and Cinema Transcendental. As a whole, though, this album, with all its experimentalism and sound effects, probably isn't something that one would put on while having friends visit, but for a fan of experimental music or for someone in the right mood, it's a very good record. ~ Philip Jandovskř, Rovi