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1 Adrenaline Bassett/Smith 3:26
2 Bully Bassett/Myers/Smith 4:02
3 Amaryllis Bassett/Smith 4:04
4 Unity Bass/Bassett/Smith 4:12
5 Enemies Bass/Bassett/Smith 3:08
6 I'm Not Alright Calitri/Ossoff/Smit 3:07
7 Nowhere Kids Bass/Bassett/Smith 3:11
8 Miracle Bassett/Smith 3:38
9 I'll Follow You Bass/Bassett/Smith 3:58
10 For My Sake Bassett/Smith 3:47
11 My Name (Wearing Me Out) Bassett/Smith 3:36
12 Through the Ghost Bassett/Smith 4:01
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Audio Compact Disc

Label: Roadrunner Records

Category: Pop/Rock


UPC: 075678825743

Release Date: 03/26/2012

Original Release Date: 03/26/2012

Number of Discs: 1

Tracks: [Adrenaline, Bully, Amaryllis, Unity, Enemies, I'm Not Alright, Nowhere Kids, Miracle, I'll Follow You, For My Sake, My Name (Wearing Me Out), Through the Ghost]

Gregory Heaney

With a trend toward the uplifting, Shinedown push their sound in an increasingly positive direction on their fourth album, Amaryllis. While the album still has the driving, hard rock backbone that the band has been building their post-grunge sound upon for years, there's something more anthemic about this effort, as if every song is an attempt to rouse listeners out of their seats, and to that end, it's largely successful. Though songs like "Adrenaline" and "Enemies" still have a good, hard edge to them, the sweeping arrangements of tracks like "Unity" and "I'm Not Alright" always seem to pull the album back into more inspirational waters. Even with this change of tone, the album is still classic Shinedown, and though this kind of triumphant mood will probably disappoint fans looking for something to cut loose and pump their fists to, with such positive overtones at work, at least it'll leave them feeling good about it. ~ Gregory Heaney, Rovi