Wild Hogs

Tim Allen  Actor John Travolta  Actor Martin Lawrence  Actor William H. Macy  Actor Ray Liotta  Actor


MPAA Rating: PG13
Contains:Mild Violence,Adult Situations,Adult Humor,Sexual Situations

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Wild Hogs

Theatrical Release Date: 2007 03 02 (USA)

UPC: 786936727463

Studio: Touchstone / Disney

MPAA Rating: PG13   Contains:[Mild Violence, Adult Situations, Adult Humor, Sexual Situations]

Summary: A mismatched group of bored suburbanites longing to escape the stress of their daily lives and embrace the freedom of the open road finds that it takes more than polished chrome and leather jackets to truly experience the biker lifestyle in this revved-up road comedy starring John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, and William H. Macy. Upon trading the comfort of their couches for the thunderous rumble of two-wheeled street machines, these four adventurous riders cross paths with the notorious Del Fuegos -- an authentic biker gang that doesn't take kindly to the weekend warrior type. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Category: Comedy

Features: "Bikes, Brawls and Burning Bars: The Making of Wild Hogs"
How to get your wife to let you buy a motorcycle
Freewheeling alternate ending
High-octane deleted scenes
Outrageous outtakes
Audio commentary with director Walt Becker and writer Brad Copeland
Specifications may only apply to feature film
Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound
French and Spanish language tracks
French and Spanish subtitles
Widescreen (2.35:1)-Enhanced for 16x9 televisions

Wild Hogs

Format: DVD

Release Date: 08/14/2007

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Cinemascope

Audio: DD5.1 Dolby Digital 5.1

Runtime: 100 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English,French,Spanish

Subtitles: French,Spanish

Region: USA & territories, Canada

Chapters: Disc #1 -- Wild Hogs
1. The Boys [8:21]
2. Road Trip [6:09]
3. No Rules [5:57]
4. The Real Deal [7:42]
5. The Day Is Today [6:14]
6. Del Fuegos' Bar [6:31]
7. Getting Dudley's Bike Back [6:20]
8. Madrid [:07]
9. Bull Slap [5:52]
10. Bobby and the Del Fuegos [8:03]
11. Jack Comes to Madrid [10:13]
12. Dudley vs. Del Fuegos [5:03]
13. Standoff At the Diner [5:12]
14. Leaving Madrid/Trip's End [7:25]
15. Credits [4:48]

Craig Butler

There is no sane reason that such a low-brow, scattershot affair as Wild Hogs (2007) should possibly succeed as a comedy. The script is not even certain which character is the protagonist; in act one, it seems to be Tim Allen's Doug, in act two John Travolta's Woody takes over, and in act three the romance between William H. Macy's Dudley and Marisa Tomei's Maggie takes center stage. Only Martin Lawrence as token black pal Bobby is clearly relegated to B-list status. By giving equal time to almost every member of its ensemble cast, the film underutilizes each of them in turn and never fully explores any one of their characters, thus rendering dramatically slack their third-act transformations into better men. Ray Liotta, in the meantime, seems slightly embarrassed by his participation in this cluttered, potty-minded production, although he receives able supporting work from M.C. Gainey and Kevin Durand, a standup comic who, along with Macy, does the best work in the film.

The humor is pratfall-heavy and rife with gay panic that borders on offensive until it crosses that border and leaves it far, far behind. And for a film about a quartet of buddies coping with their midlife crises by embarking on a cross-country biker quest, the trip seems geographically truncated by its lengthy detour in the second half into the sort of small-town Nirvana only glimpsed in movies and television shows. Yet, despite all of its obvious and manifold flaws, Wild Hogs is the one thing it really needs to be: funny. The jokes work, dumb as they are, and while to call the story "mild" is an understatement, director Walt Becker clearly understands the thinness of the material he's working with here and maintains a steady, self-mocking tone and nimble pace that serve the picture well, while wringing some real energy and engagement from his sprawling cast. Wild Hogs was a sizeable box-office hit, despite a raft of negative reviews, perhaps largely due to the fact that it was exactly the type of movie it seemed to be in its marketing campaign: dumb, likeable, and amusing. Its success is a potent reminder that audiences will forgive much if delivered a sturdy product that delivers the goods it promises. ~ Craig Butler, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Brian Robbins  Producer 
Mike Tollin  Producer 
Amy Sayres  Executive Producer 
Walter Becker  Director 
Teddy Castellucci  Composer (Music Score) 
Todd Lieberman  Executive Producer 
Todd Lieberman  Producer 
Sharla Sumpter  Executive Producer 
Brad Copeland  Screenwriter 
Tim Allen  Actor 
John Travolta  Actor 
Martin Lawrence  Actor 
William H. Macy  Actor 
Ray Liotta  Actor 
Marisa Tomei  Actor 
Kevin Durand  Actor 
M.C. Gainey  Actor 
Jill Hennessy  Actor 
Dominic Janes  Actor 
Tichina Arnold  Actor 
Stephen Tobolowsky  Actor 
Jason Sklar  Actor 
Kyle Gass  Actor 
Randy Sklar  Actor 
John C. McGinley  Actor 
Peter Fonda  Actor 
Ty Pennington  Actor 

Country: USA