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The Jungle Book

Bruce Reitherman  Actor Phil Harris  Actor Sebastian Cabot  Actor Louis Prima  Actor George Sanders  Actor Sterling Holloway  Actor J. Pat O'Malley  Actor


MPAA Rating: G
Contains:Child Classic

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The Jungle Book

UPC: 717951005878

Studio: Walt Disney Video

MPAA Rating: G   Contains:[Child Classic]

Summary: The final animated feature produced under the supervision of Walt Disney is a lively neo-swing musical, loosely based upon the tales of Rudyard Kipling. The story takes place in a tropical jungle where people are conspicuously absent. But one day Bagheera the Panther (voice of Sebastian Cabot) discovers a baby in the wreck of a boat. Feeling pity on the child, Bagheera takes him to be raised with the wolves. Ten years later, the child has grown into Mowgli (voice of Bruce Reitherman). Mowgli discovers that his life is in danger because of the return to the area of Shere Khan the Tiger (voice of George Sanders), whose hatred of humans is such that Mowgli faces certain death if discovered. Bagheera agrees to transport Mowgli to the human village, where he will be safe from Shere Khan. Along the way to the village, night falls and Mowgli and Bagheera almost succumb to the man-eating snake Kaa (voice of Sterling Holloway). Escaping Kaa's coils, they run into the lock-step military elephant band of Colonel Hathi (voice of J. Pat O'Malley). Afterwards, Mowgli, who doesn't want to be sent to the human village, runs away from Bagheera and meets up with the fun-loving Baloo the Bear (voice of Phil Harrris). With both Bagheera and Baloo to protect him, Mowgli is saved from several more life-threatening situations -- including a barber-shop quartet of vultures, the crazed King Louie of the Apes (voice of Louis Prima), and Shere Khan himself -- before making it to the village of humans. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Category: Adventure

Awards: Best Song – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The Jungle Book

Format: DVD

Release Date: 12/07/1999

Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Pre-1954 Standard

Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital 5.1, 2 PCM stereo

Runtime: 78 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English,French,Spanish

Subtitles: English

Region: USA & territories, Canada

Chapters: Side #1 --
0. Chapter Selection
1. Opening Credits [:17]
2. The Legend of the Man-Cub [2:24]
3. The Man-Cub Is Adopted by Wolves [2:24]
4. The Council of the Wolf Pack Elders [2:24]
5. Kaa Drops in for a S-s-snack [2:00]
6. Dawn Patrol ("Colonel Hathi's March") [1:36]
7. Inspection [:57]
8. Mowgli Meets Baloo [2:37]
9. Baloo Takes Mowgli Into His Care [3:05]
10. Baloo's Philosophy ("The Bare Necessities") [2:09]
11. Mowgli Is Kidnapped [2:22]
12. King Louie Lays It on the Line ("I Wan'na Be Like You") [3:45]
13. Settling Down for the Night [:52]
14. Baloo and Mowgli Take a Long Walk [2:13]
15. Shere Khan, the Hunter [1:02]
16. Mowgli on His Own [1:46]
17. Kaa Tries to Win Mowgli Over ("Trust in Me") [2:43]
18. Hanging Out With the Vultures [4:02]
19. "That's What Friends Are For" [5:27]
20. Mowgli Confronts Shere Khan [4:32]
21. Baloo Takes a Tiger by the Tail [1:56]
22. A Dark Moment [1:29]
23. The Girl With the Water Jug ("My Own Home") [5:36]
24. Happy Endings for All [2:23]

Craig Butler

Although it is quite skillfully drawn, The Jungle Book is noteworthy for being the first time that the Disney studio let the choice of actors play an influential role in the development of an animated feature. It's true that previously some actors, such as Ed Wynn in Alice in Wonderland, had made significant contributions, but not to the extent that Phil Harris, Louis Prima, George Sanders, and Sebastian Cabot do in Jungle Book. Their distinctive personalities add enormously to the effectiveness of the film, helping to mask the fact that, although the film has incident, it actually has very little plot. The catchy score also helps, from the imminently hummable "Bare Necessities" to the wildly capering "I Wanna Be Like You" to the barbershop-disguised-as-Beatles "That's What Friends Are For." As always, the character animation is top notch, from Kaa's slinky, slithering coils and Shere Khan's significantly shifty eyes to King Louie's long-armed neo-boogie moves and Baloo's carefree swinging gait, and the backgrounds make good use of the jungle color palette. The triangular relationship between Baloo, Bagheera, and Mowgli is also well presented and entirely convincing. The film benefits from an exuberant joie de vivre; it's one of the most high-spirited feature cartoons, and free from excessive sentimentality. The use of "star" voices would continue in future Disney entries, such as Robin Hood and The Aristocats, both with Phil Harris. ~ Craig Butler, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Ken Anderson  Screenwriter 
George Bruns  Composer (Music Score) 
Larry Clemmons  Screenwriter 
Walt Disney  Producer 
Vance Gerry  Screenwriter 
Terry Gilkyson  Composer (Music Score) 
Wolfgang Reitherman  Director 
Richard M. Sherman  Composer (Music Score) 
Ralph Wright  Screenwriter 
Bruce Reitherman  Actor 
Phil Harris  Actor 
Sebastian Cabot  Actor 
Louis Prima  Actor 
George Sanders  Actor 
Sterling Holloway  Actor 
J. Pat O'Malley  Actor 
Verna Felton  Actor 
Clint Howard  Actor 
Chad Stuart  Actor 
Tim Hudson  Actor 
John Abbott  Actor 
Ben Wright  Actor 
Darlene Carr  Actor 
Digby Wolfe  Actor 

Country: USA