The Firefly

Jeanette MacDonald  Actor Allan Jones  Actor Warren William  Actor Billy Gilbert  Actor Henry Daniell  Actor

MPAA Rating: NR
Contains:Suitable for Children

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The Firefly

UPC: 883316450284

Studio: Warner Bros. Digital Distribution

MPAA Rating: NR   Contains:[Suitable for Children]

Summary: In this adaptation of the operetta by Rudolf Friml, secret agent Nina Maria Azara (Jeannette MacDonald) is working undercover for the King of Spain as a singer known as the "Mosca del Fuego" or "Firefly." Her mission is to uncover Napoleon's plot to invade Spain before it is too late. This film features a variety of songs including "Donkey Serenade," "Love Is Like a Firefly," " and "When a Maid Comes Knocking At Your Heart." ~ Iotis Erlewine, Rovi

Category: Romance

The Firefly

Format: DVD

Release Date: 03/08/2012

Aspect Ratio: 1.37:1 Academy Apeture

Audio: DD1 Dolby Digital Mono

Runtime: 130 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English

Chapters: Disc #1 -- The Firefly
1. Chapter 1 [2:01]
2. Chapter 2 [2:16]
3. Chapter 3 [3:12]
4. Chapter 4 [3:17]
5. Chapter 5 [3:57]
6. Chapter 6 [3:13]
7. Chapter 7 [3:06]
8. Chapter 8 [3:07]
9. Chapter 9 [3:24]
10. Chapter 10 [2:28]
11. Chapter 11 [4:05]
12. Chapter 12 [3:46]
13. Chapter 13 [4:51]
14. Chapter 14 [3:14]
15. Chapter 15 [4:15]
16. Chapter 16 [5:16]
17. Chapter 17 [1:28]
18. Chapter 18 [4:51]
19. Chapter 19 [2:01]
20. Chapter 20 [3:09]
21. Chapter 21 [:11]
22. Chapter 22 [3:12]
23. Chapter 23 [4:07]
24. Chapter 24 [2:40]
25. Chapter 25 [1:57]
26. Chapter 26 [3:43]
27. Chapter 27 [1:40]
28. Chapter 28 [3:42]
29. Chapter 29 [3:11]
30. Chapter 30 [4:11]
31. Chapter 31 [2:49]
32. Chapter 32 [3:21]
33. Chapter 33 [2:35]
34. Chapter 34 [4:10]
35. Chapter 35 [2:29]
36. Chapter 36 [4:49]
37. Chapter 37 [4:40]
38. Chapter 38 [3:00]
39. Chapter 39 [2:37]
40. Chapter 40 [1:53]

Craig Butler

MGM pulled out all the stops for The Firefly, a lavish period operetta which star Jeanette McDonald saw as a chance to remind audiences that she could carry a movie without the assistance of her frequent co-star Nelson eddy. In Eddy's place is Allan Jones, and the change is most welcome. Jones possessed a sterling light tenor voice that was perfect for the Rudolf Friml score, and unlike Eddy, he could handle comedy. If he was still a bit wooden in spots, there was nevertheless a definite chemistry between him and MacDonald. For her part, the luscious soprano is in glorious voice, riding the crest of Friml's melodic waves like the champion she is and making the most of those thrilling high notes. She's a fine comedienne as well, and can handle dramatic chores with aplomb. That's a good thing, as it takes all her effort to make the idiotic screenplay of The Firefly into something watchable. The plotting comes across as ludicrous and the dialogue, even with an assist from Ogden Nash, lacks sufficient sparkle. Robert Z. Leonard directs for maximum impact in terms of the sets, the costumes and the overwhelming number of extras that fill the screen, but his pacing is uneven, and the film is simply too long. Watch it for the stars and the songs, especially Jones' "Donkey Serenade," which became forever associated with him. ~ Craig Butler, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Ogden Nash  Screenwriter 
Rudolf Friml  Composer (Music Score) 
Frances Goodrich  Screenwriter 
Albert Hackett  Screenwriter 
Robert Z. Leonard  Director 
Robert Z. Leonard  Producer 
Herbert Stothart  Composer (Music Score) 
Hunt Stromberg  Producer 
Jeanette MacDonald  Actor 
Allan Jones  Actor 
Warren William  Actor 
Billy Gilbert  Actor 
Henry Daniell  Actor 
Douglas Dumbrille  Actor 
Leonard Penn  Actor 
Tom Rutherford  Actor 
Belle Mitchell  Actor 
George Zucco  Actor 
Corbet Morris  Actor 
Matthew Boulton  Actor 
Manuel Alvarez Maciste  Actor 
Robert Spindola  Actor 
Victor Adams  Actor 
Monya Andre  Actor 
Sam Appel  Actor 
Hooper Atchley  Actor 
Ray Bennett  Actor 
Maurice Black  Actor 
Eugene Borden  Actor 
Agostino Borgato  Actor 
Sidney Bracey  Actor 
Frank Campeau  Actor 
James B. Carson  Actor 
Maurice Cass  Actor 
Lane Chandler  Actor 
Mabel Colcord  Actor 
Guy D'Ennery  Actor 
Drew Demarest  Actor 
Lester Dorr  Actor 
Roger Drake  Actor 
Karl Hackett  Actor 
Lew Harvey  Actor 
Bentley Hewlett  Actor 
Ramsay Hill  Actor 
Riley Hill  Actor 
Brandon Hurst  Actor 
Edward Keane  Actor 
Colin Kenny  Actor 
Robert Z. Leonard  Actor 
Jacques Lory  Actor 
Fred Mackaye  Actor 
John Merton  Actor 
Inez Palange  Actor 
Jean Perry  Actor 
Edward Phillips  Actor 
John Picorri  Actor 
Russell Powell  Actor 
Stanley Price  Actor 
Albertina Rasch  Actor 
Donald Reed  Actor 
Rolfe Sedan  Actor 
Harry Semels  Actor 
Pat Somerset  Actor 
Paul Sutton  Actor 
David Tihmar  Actor 
Ian Wolfe  Actor 
Harry Worth  Actor 
Frank Yaconelli  Actor 
Zeni Vatori  Actor 
Robert Wilbur  Actor 
William Crowell  Actor 
Anthony Pawley  Actor 
Frank Puglia  Actor 
Jason Robards, Sr.  Actor 
Alan Curtis  Actor 
Ralph Byrd  Actor 
Pedro de Cordoba  Actor 
Theodore Von Eltz  Actor 
Dennis O'Keefe  Actor 

Country: USA