The Faculty

Elijah Wood  Actor Josh Hartnett  Actor Clea Duvall  Actor Laura Harris  Actor Shawn Hatosy  Actor Jordana Brewster  Actor


MPAA Rating: R
Contains:Violence,Brief Nudity,Suitable for Children,Not For Children,Adult Language,Drug Content,Sci-Fi Violence

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The Faculty

Theatrical Release Date: 1998 12 25 (USA)

UPC: 096009750893

Studio: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

MPAA Rating: R   Contains:[Violence, Brief Nudity, Suitable for Children, Not For Children, Adult Language, Drug Content, Sci-Fi Violence]

Summary: Miramax Films darlings Robert Rodriguez and screenwriter Kevin Williamson teamed up for a high-school alien-horror film that they described as The Breakfast Club meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Dilapidated Herrington High is the location for a story about a school faculty taken over by outer-space creatures, forcing the students to take charge and kick some alien butt. School faculty members (Robert Patrick, Bebe Neuwirth, Salma Hayek, and Jon Stewart) are infested with rapidly reproducing space worms that take over their minds and bodies. But never fear, because at this school, between hazing the student body and having sex in the locker room, a Scooby-Doo-ish group of high school students is ready to fight back. The up-and-coming acting talent includes R&B singer Usher Raymond, Elijah Wood, Clea DuVall, Josh Hartnett, Shawn Hatosy, Laura Harris, and Jordanna Brewster. The story is nearly irrelevant, as the real stars are the action and lots of special effects. ~ Arthur Borman, Rovi

Category: Horror

The Faculty

Format: DVD

Release Date: 04/12/2011

Audio: DD2 Dolby Digital Stereo

Runtime: 105 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Chapters: Disc #1 -- Faculty
1. The Faculty [7:48]
2. Harrington High School [3:47]
3. Crusoe's Worst Fear [4:15]
4. Isolation [3:36]
5. A New Species [8:13]
6. I Have a Pain Right Here [6:34]
7. I'm Losing It [5:55]
8. Back to School [4:52]
9. The Puppetmasters [8:00]
10. Need the Proof [6:57]
11. Animal Testing [6:46]
12. Kill the Queen [7:13]
13. It's So Much Better [8:03]
14. The Outsider [10:09]
15. Jack You Up [11:55]

Keith Phipps

Essentially an attempt to do for the science-fiction/thriller genre what the author had done for the slasher film with 1996's Scream, Kevin Williamson's The Faculty raised the question of where to draw the line between homage and theft. Lifting its plot directly from Jack Finney's The Body Snatchers and the films it inspired, The Faculty ostensibly gets itself off the hook by mentioning Finney's story in the film itself. Was it post-modernism or plagiarism? Regardless, with The Faculty, Williamson and director Robert Rodriguez craft a tight, suspenseful, consistently entertaining (up to a ludicrous finale), and subversive thriller. It's this last quality that most reviews at the time seemed to overlook. The Body Snatchers formula makes a natural fit for the film's conformity-mad high school setting and Williamson and Rodriguez make the most of pitting a band of outsiders, however photogenic and stylishly clad, against the personality-sapping forces of evil. Buried within you'll also find a not-particularly-subtle pro-drug message, an unusually unwholesome element which is at least at odds with the squeaky-clean images of high school put forth by the era's wave of teen films (She's All That, et al.). ~ Keith Phipps, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Bob Weinstein  Executive Producer 
Harvey Weinstein  Executive Producer 
Robert Rodriguez  Director 
Robert Rodriguez  Producer 
Elizabeth Avellan  Producer 
Marco Beltrami  Composer (Music Score) 
Kevin Williamson  Screenwriter 
Elijah Wood  Actor 
Josh Hartnett  Actor 
Clea Duvall  Actor 
Laura Harris  Actor 
Shawn Hatosy  Actor 
Salma Hayek  Actor 
Famke Janssen  Actor 
Piper Laurie  Actor 
Christopher McDonald  Actor 
Bebe Neuwirth  Actor 
Robert Patrick  Actor 
Michelle Holmes  Actor 
Jon Stewart  Actor 
Usher Raymond  Actor 
Jordana Brewster  Actor 
Harry Knowles  Actor 
Summer Phoenix  Actor 

Country: USA