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Not Another Teen Movie

Chyler Leigh  Actor Chris Evans  Actor Jaime Pressly  Actor Eric Christian Olsen  Actor Mia Kirshner  Actor Eric Jungmann  Actor Randy Quaid  Actor Molly Ringwald  Actor


MPAA Rating: R
Contains:Nudity,Strong Sexual Content,Not For Children,Adult Humor,Profanity

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Not Another Teen Movie

Theatrical Release Date: 2001 12 14 (USA)

UPC: 043396076020

Studio: Columbia TriStar

MPAA Rating: R   Contains:[Nudity, Strong Sexual Content, Not For Children, Adult Humor, Profanity]

Summary: Former MTV executive Joel Gallen makes his feature directorial debut with this broad spoof of the popular teen comedy genre, lampooning dozens of movies including American Pie (1999), American Beauty (1999), Bring It On (2000), Clueless (1995), She's All That (1999), Road Trip (2000), Can't Hardly Wait (1998), 10 Things I Hate About You (1999), Never Been Kissed (1999), and even the teen films of an earlier era such as The Breakfast Club (1985). At the aptly titled "John Hughes High School," aspiring artist Janey Briggs (Chyler Leigh) is an outcast because of her plain, bespectacled looks and paint-splattered overalls. Football hero Jake Wyler (Chris Evans) makes a bet that he can transform Janey into a gorgeous prom queen, a wager he may come to regret as he discovers Janey's true inner beauty. As their relationship blossoms, several other characters are limned, including a Nasty Cheerleader (Jaime Pressly), a Token Black Guy (Deon Richmond), a Stupid Fat Guy (Ron Lester), an Obsessed Best Friend (Eric Jungmann), an Undercover Reporter (Beverly Polcyn), the Cruelest Girl in School (Mia Kirshner), a Cocky Blonde Guy (Eric Christian Olsen), and several others. A nod to the multiple films that inspired it, Not Another Teen Movie (2001) was originally to have been entitled "Ten Things I Hate About Clueless Road Trips When I Can't Hardly Wait to Be Kissed." ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Category: Comedy

Features: Digitally mastered audio and anamorphic video
Mastered in high definition
Widescreen presentation
Audio: English 5.1 (Dolby Digital), French
Subtitles: English, French
Filmmakers' commentary
Cast commentary
Teen movie factoids track
18 deleted scenes plus the film's original ending
"School's in Session": three behind-the-scenes featurettes
Unrated version of Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love" music video
Joel Gallen's first short film "Car Ride"
Test your teen movie I.Q.
Auditions montage
Meet the Cast promos
Theatrical trailers
Scene selections
Interactive animated menus

Not Another Teen Movie

Release Date: 04/30/2002

Audio: DD5.1 Dolby Digital 5.1

Runtime: 90 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English,French

Subtitles: English,French

Region: USA & territories, Canada

Chapters: Side #1 --
1. Start [2:33]
2. First Day of School [8:21]
3. Areola [1:09]
4. Prom Queen Bet [3:10]
5. Ricky's Poem [1:30]
6. Toilet Humor [2:14]
7. Hitting on Janey [:49]
8. Cheerleader Tryouts [1:29]
9. Jake's Football Flashback [3:12]
10. Detention [2:29]
11. No Pressure [:53]
12. Father Knows Best [2:19]
13. Cruelest Girl in School [1:11]
14. Three Steps to Seduction [3:46]
15. Janey's Make-over [3:41]
16. Preston's Party [6:34]
17. Janey's Mother [5:53]
18. Wasps vs. Wildcats [1:34]
19. One Concussion to Go [:26]
20. The Wise Janitor [1:47]
21. Worse Pass Ever [2:22]
22. Payback [1:51]
23. "Prom Tonight" [2:15]
24. The Prom [3:04]
25. "I Want Candy" [2:31]
26. Prom Queens & King [:57]
27. Sunrise Motel Room 6 [4:09]
28. Pretty in Pink [5:36]

Derek Armstrong

With the onslaught of teen fare at the turn of the millennium, which mirrors a similarly fertile period in the 1980s, it was inevitable that a broad lampoon in the same vein as Scary Movie would spring forth. The less nasty and often more fun cousin of that horror spoof has arrived with Not Another Teen Movie, whose title is just the first bit of overdone self-awareness that hits more than it misses. A quintet of screenwriters pull off a minor miracle in riffing on whole story lines from countless films, without straining the minimal logic required of a yukfest like this. Taking its major inspiration from She's All That, notably the fact that eyeglasses and overalls qualify a beauty as the school's "ugly outsider," the movie coasts along on a succession of gross-out sight gags befitting the era of its release, while maintaining an '80s lightness that keeps the vibe giddy. Where the film sometimes sputters is in the extent of its self-reflexivity -- when Janey (Chyler Leigh) accuses Jake (Chris Evans) of poaching dialogue from She's All That, it draws too much attention to the satirical project at hand, best buried under the surface. Similar gripes can be made about naming the school John Hughes High and including an awkward cameo from a Brat Pack star in the closing frames. But the guilty-pleasure hits come in inventive ways, such as parading around a constantly nude exchange student (a jab at American Pie) and creating a character who always starts the obligatory "slow clap" at all the wrong moments. ~ Derek Armstrong, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Michael Rachmil  Executive Producer 
Phil Beauman  Screenwriter 
Neal H. Moritz  Producer 
Theodore Shapiro  Composer (Music Score) 
Brad Luff  Executive Producer 
Buddy Johnson  Screenwriter 
Joel Gallen  Director 
Adam Jay Epstein  Screenwriter 
Andrew Jacobson  Screenwriter 
Mike Bender  Screenwriter 
Chyler Leigh  Actor 
Chris Evans  Actor 
Jaime Pressly  Actor 
Eric Christian Olsen  Actor 
Mia Kirshner  Actor 
Deon Richmond  Actor 
Eric Jungmann  Actor 
Ron Lester  Actor 
Cody McMains  Actor 
Sam Huntington  Actor 
Riley Smith  Actor 
JoAnna Garcia  Actor 
Lacey Chabert  Actor 
Samm Levine  Actor 
Cerina Vincent  Actor 
Beverly Polcyn  Actor 
Nectar Rose  Actor 
Samaire Armstrong  Actor 
Ed Lauter  Actor 
Paul Gleason  Actor 
Mr. T  Actor 
Randy Quaid  Actor 
Molly Ringwald  Actor 
Melissa Joan Hart  Actor 
Oz Perkins  Actor 
Kyle Cease  Actor 

Country: USA