Christian Bale  Actor David Moscow  Actor Luke Edwards  Actor Ann-Margret  Actor Max Casella  Actor Marty Belafsky  Actor Ele Keats  Actor


MPAA Rating: PG
Contains:Mild Violence,Violence,Adult Situations,Questionable for Children

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Theatrical Release Date: 1992 04 08 (USA)

UPC: 786936162783

Studio: Walt Disney Video

MPAA Rating: PG   Contains:[Mild Violence, Violence, Adult Situations, Questionable for Children]

Summary: A failed effort to revive the big-budget movie musical, Newsies attempted to create toe-tapping, song-and-dance excitement out of the true story of an 1899 strike by newspaper boys against publishing magnate Joseph Pulitzer. The "newsies" band together to protest a pay cut by Pulitzer (Robert Duvall), organizing a union to protect their rights and ensure fair wages. They are helped along the way by Medda (Ann-Margret), a local dance-hall performer who befriends the boys and provides an opportunity for an additional song or two. Director Kenny Ortega had previously choreographed Dirty Dancing, and composer Alan Menken had provided the acclaimed scores for Beauty and the Beast and Little Shop of Horrors, but their work here failed to capture the spark of their popular successes. Unable to connect with older or younger viewers, Newsies gained a reputation as a major bomb that cut short an attempt to bring back the live-action musical, though in the intervening years it has gained a small but appreciative cult. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

Category: Musical

Features: Audio commentary with filmmakers
"Newsies, Newsies, See All About It"
"Newsies: The Inside Story"
"The Strike: The True Story"
Storyboard-to-scene comparison sequence with audio commentary
Singalong feature
Dolby Digital Surround Sound
Widescreen [2.35:1] enhanced for 16x9 televisions
Spanish-language track
French and Spanish subtitles


Format: DVD

Release Date: 01/15/2002

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Cinemascope

Audio: DD Dolby Digital

Runtime: 121 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English,Spanish

Subtitles: English,French,Spanish

Region: USA & territories, Canada

Chapters: Side #1 --
0. Chapter Selection
1. Opening Titles/"Prologue" [1:35]
2. "Carrying the Banner" [8:00]
3. Headlines [5:56]
4. Improving the Truth [4:01]
5. "My Lovey Dovey Baby" [6:22]
6. "Santa Fe" [5:10]
7. Strike!/"The World Will Know" [8:45]
8. Ambassadors [6:14]
9. "Seize the Day" [2:51]
10. The Refuge [2:29]
11. "Seize the Day (Chorale)" [3:34]
12. "King of New York" [4:24]
13. Sarah [6:32]
14. "High Times, Hard Times" [2:51]
15. Conspiracy [8:56]
16. The Power of the Press [5:03]
17. "Santa Fe (Reprise)" [4:51]
18. Loyalty [6:24]
19. "Once and for All" [2:23]
20. "The World Will Know (Reprise)" [:05]
21. It's Over! [2:23]
22. "Carrying the Banner (Finale)"/End Credits [5:08]

Matthew Tobey

Touted by its makers as an attempt to bring live-action musical motion-pictures into the '90s, Newsies fails not because it lacks what the great musicals of the past had, but because it inserts nothing new into the genre, simply rehashing the archetypes and clichés that beat movie musicals to death in the first place. But just because it didn't incite '90s remakes of Bye Bye Birdie and Singin' in the Rain doesn't mean Newsies is completely worthless. For fans who enjoy even the more mediocre song-and-dance flicks of the '40s, '50s, and '60s, it's got just about everything. The songs are catchy and enjoyable, the story is simple and secondary to the music, and the cast isn't bad. Even Ann-Margret is in it, so at the very least audiences may want to squint and imagine they're watching a second-rate musical from the early '60s. ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Bob Tzudiker  Screenwriter 
David Fallon  Screenwriter 
Michael Finnell  Producer 
Alan Menken  Composer (Music Score) 
Kenny Ortega  Director 
J.A.C. Redford  Composer (Music Score) 
Tom Rickman  Screenwriter 
Noni White  Screenwriter 
Danny Troob  Composer (Music Score) 
Christian Bale  Actor 
David Moscow  Actor 
Luke Edwards  Actor 
Ann-Margret  Actor 
Max Casella  Actor 
Marty Belafsky  Actor 
Ele Keats  Actor 
Arvie Lowe, Jr.  Actor 
Robert Duvall  Actor 
Aaron Lohr  Actor 
Bill Pullman  Actor 
David James Alexander  Actor 
Michael Lerner  Actor 
Kevin Tighe  Actor 
Charles Cioffi  Actor 
Ogie Banks III  Actor 
Christopher Bonomo  Actor 
Damon Butler  Actor 
Daxon Calloway  Actor 
Dee Caspary  Actor 
Scott Caudill  Actor 
Joseph Conrad  Actor 
D.J. Dellos  Actor 
Bret Dieball  Actor 
Chris Dupre  Actor 
Dak Eubanks  Actor 
David Evans  Actor 
Tony Gonzales  Actor 
Rob Grayson  Actor 
Michael Irvin  Actor 
Robert Jaquez  Actor 
Gregg Kent-Smith  Actor 
Kevin Kruger  Actor 
Terry Lindholm  Actor 
Alan Luzietti  Actor 
Dominic Maldonado  Actor 
Kevin McCasland  Actor 
Dean McFliker  Actor 
Kevin Michaels  Actor 
James Earl Miller  Actor 
Patrick Lars Olsen  Actor 
Travis Payne  Actor 
Eric Pesqueira  Actor 
Craig Raclawski  Actor 
Michael Rohrbacher  Actor 
Greg E. Russell  Actor 
Melody Santangelo  Actor 
Jeff Thysell  Actor 
Wes Veldink  Actor 
Michael Warwick  Actor 
Joshua Wiener  Actor 
Jason Yribar  Actor 
Larry Jones  Actor 
Gabriel Damon  Actor 
Frank Girardeau  Actor 
Shon Greenblatt  Actor 
Jo Ann Harris  Actor 
I.M. Hobson  Actor 
Todd Jenkins  Actor 
Terry Kohl  Actor 
David Larson  Actor 
Marc Lawrence  Actor 
Mark Lowenthal  Actor 
Dominic Lucero  Actor 
Ryan MacDonald  Actor 
Frank Novak  Actor 
Jim Raposa  Actor 
David Sheinkopf  Actor 
Sylvia Short  Actor 
David Sidoni  Actor 
Kevin Stea  Actor 
Lois Young  Actor 
William Boyett  Actor 
Mark David  Actor 
Jeffrey DeMunn  Actor 
Ivan Dudynsky  Actor 
Shay Duffin  Actor 
Robert Feeney  Actor 
Matthew Fields  Actor 
Tom Finnegan  Actor 
Brian Friedman  Actor 
Jesus Fuentes  Actor 
Deborra-Lee Furness  Actor 
Michael A. Goorjian  Actor 
Trey Parker  Actor 

Country: USA