Thomas Dekker  Actor Haley Bennett  Actor Chris Zylka  Actor Roxane Mesquida  Actor Juno Temple  Actor

MPAA Rating: NR

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Theatrical Release Date: 2011 01 28 (USA - Limited)

UPC: 030306956794

Studio: IFC

MPAA Rating: NR   Contains:null

Summary: Writer and director Gregg Araki revisits the day-glo universe of sex, drugs, and random perversity that informed his early films in this over-the-top dark comedy. Smith (Thomas Dekker) is an 18-year-old film student who is bisexual and has a ravenous erotic appetite; his best friend is Stella (Haley Bennett), who prefers the company of women but is just as enthusiastic about pursuing new lovers. Smith has been haunted by a series of recurring dreams featuring two beautiful women, one dark and enigmatic, the other similarly spectral with flaming red hair. This wouldn't bother him, except that the women from his dreams have begun appearing in real life -- Lorelei (Roxane Mesquida), Stella's new partner, is a magic aficionado who's a dead ringer for the dark-haired woman, and the red-haired girl (Nicole LaLiberte) is being pursued by a gang of masked assassins. Has Smith stumbled into a plot with possible world-changing consequences? Or is this all just the product of some hallucinogenic cookies he was served at a party? Kaboom received its world premiere at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Category: Comedy Drama

Awards: Film Presented – Cannes Film Festival Film Presented – London Film Festival Film Presented – Sundance Film Festival

Features: Commentary
Deleted Scenes


Format: DVD

Release Date: 05/17/2011

Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1 2.40:1

Audio: DD5.1 Dolby Digital 5.1

Runtime: 86 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English

Subtitles: English,Spanish

Region: USA & territories, Canada

Chapters: Disc #1 -- Kaboom
1. Opening Credits [5:04]
2. Partner In Crime [6:27]
3. College Life [4:48]
4. Turns Me On [5:06]
5. She's A Witch [4:58]
6. I Know Her [4:33]
7. Unidentified Body [5:25]
8. Have A Great Life [6:32]
9. What Was That? [4:44]
10. Happy Birthday [5:21]
11. Call Oliver [5:26]
12. Freaking Me Out [5:45]
13. Hurts So Good [5:33]
14. New Normal [7:09]
15. Waiting For [7:22]
16. The Bitter End [2:01]

Alaina O'Connor

Writer/director Gregg Araki returns with Kaboom, a hyper-stylized, sex-drenched teenage romp that presents itself as a psychosexual murder mystery and turns into a wacky conspiracy-theory dark comedy, complete with secret societies and the threat of a nuclear holocaust. Araki draws upon themes presented in his acclaimed mid-'90s indie flicks, The Doom Generation and Nowhere, and brings the same relentless eroticism, alienated adolescent hijinks, and So-Cal witticisms to a film that's both a little campy and a little trashy.

Kaboom centers on Smith (Thomas Dekker), a bisexual college freshman who fantasizes about hooking up with his bleach-blond surfer-dude roommate, but settles instead for sexually free British student London (Juno Temple). He's been haunted by a series of recurring dreams starring people from his life and two girls whom he's never met, but things get weird when the two girls show up in his waking life -- first, Lorelei (Roxane Mesquida), a dark-haired magic aficionado who's involved in a fatal-attraction situation with his best friend, Stella (Haley Bennett), and second, a red-haired girl who is being pursued by a gang of assassins. Next thing you know, Smith finds himself involved in a plot surrounding a murdered coed, a secret society, and the mystery of his father's disappearance. But has Smith stumbled into a plot with possible world-changing consequences? Or is it all just a drug-induced hallucination?

It's fair to say that Araki is channeling the films of Richard Kelly. By combining the lucid dreams and existential musings of Donnie Darko with the apocalyptic undertones of Southland Tales, Kaboom isn't so much an homage as it is a parody. Visually, the film oscillates between bursts of pop colors and quick-cut over-the-top antics that work when the film eventually shifts gears and descends into glorious delirium, yet with a schizophrenic plot that fails to support the screwy tangents, the film fizzles out.

Maybe Araki is too nostalgic as he returns to the preoccupations and youthful trademarks that characterized his previous endeavors. He pours every ounce of the fever-dream teenage fantasy that he has left into a vehicle that can't support the weight. Still, Kaboom has its champions -- it earned the Queer Palm award at last year's Cannes Film Festival -- and it'll be enjoyable for those drawn to wildly campy teenage sex comedies. ~ Alaina O'Connor, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Gregg Araki  Director 
Gregg Araki  Producer 
Gregg Araki  Screenwriter 
Pascal Caucheteux  Executive Producer 
Andrea Sperling  Producer 
Sebastian Lemercier  Executive Producer 
Robin Guthrie  Composer (Music Score) 
Jonathan Schwartz  Executive Producer 
Ulrich Schnauss  Composer (Music Score) 
Mark Peters  Composer (Music Score) 
Vivek Maddala  Composer (Music Score) 
Thomas Dekker  Actor 
Haley Bennett  Actor 
Chris Zylka  Actor 
Roxane Mesquida  Actor 
Juno Temple  Actor 
Andy Fischer-Price  Actor 
Nicole LaLiberte  Actor 
Jason Olive  Actor 
James Duval  Actor 
Brennan Mejia  Actor 
Kelly Lynch  Actor 

Country: France,USA