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Herbie: Fully Loaded

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MPAA Rating: G

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Herbie: Fully Loaded

Theatrical Release Date: 2005 06 22 (USA)

UPC: 786936288261

Studio: Walt Disney Video

MPAA Rating: G   Contains:null

Summary: The world's wackiest Volkswagen is back in action in this action comedy. Maggie Peyton (Lindsay Lohan) is the 18-year-old daughter of Ray Peyton Sr. (Michael Keaton), a once-successful stock car driver whose career is not what it once was. Maggie loves racing and is in line for a job covering NASCAR for ESPN, but in her heart she'd rather be behind the wheel, even though her father strictly forbids this. For Maggie's birthday, Ray takes her out looking for a used car, and she finds herself strangely drawn to a wrecked 1963 Volkswagen in a salvage yard. Against Ray's better judgment, Maggie gets the car, and a note in the glove box tells her the rust bucket is named "Herbie," and he can help her solve her problems. To her surprise, the message turns out to be true -- with a little TLC, Herbie is running like new, and after showing his stuff in a street race, Maggie persuades her naysayer dad to take her and her VW on as part of his racing team. Herbie: Fully Loaded also stars Matt Dillon as rival racer Trip Murphy, Breckin Meyer as Maggie's brother (and fellow struggling driver) Ray Jr., and Justin Long as Maggie's friend Kevin. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Category: Children's/Family

Features: Bloopers
Deleted scenes
Alternate title opening
A Day at the Races
Breaking the Rules: The Stunts From Herbie: Fully Loaded
Bringing Herbie to Life
Director audio commentary
Lindsay Lohan music video "First"

Herbie: Fully Loaded

Format: DVD

Release Date: 10/25/2005

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Theatre Wide-Screen

Audio: DD5.1 Dolby Digital 5.1

Runtime: 102 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English,French,Spanish

Subtitles: French

Region: USA & territories, Canada

Chapters: Disc #1 -- Herbie: Fully Loaded
1. Opening Credits/Graduation [2:20]
2. Choosing a Graduation Gift [6:31]
3. "The Car's Name is Herbie" [6:25]
4. Racing Trip Murphy [6:12]
5. Extreme Herbie Makeover [8:49]
6. The Showdown [11:28]
7. Jealous Herbie [3:19]
8. Saving Herbie [9:42]
9. Prerace Preparations [7:30]
10. The Next Great Peyton [7:25]
11. The Big Finish [11:30]
12. End Credits [7:15]

Perry Seibert

As handled by director Angela Robinson, Herbie: Fully Loaded offers a first-rate entertainment that respects the source material without copying it or settling for nostalgia. The film quickly establishes the relationships between the main characters and allows their motivations to carry the story. The special effects in the film are unobtrusive, and occasionally Robinson uses similar processes that were utilized during the original Herbie films to make that cute little car do the impossible. The rock-solid editing allows the laughs to flow and builds suspense during the action sequences, without milking either. There is a bright, friendly look and feel to the film that puts audiences at ease, and assists the actors as they win over the audience. Even with a certain amount of tabloid baggage at this point in her career, Lindsay Lohan still manages to capture a smart girl-next-door vibe that few of her contemporaries can manage. She is genuinely appealing, and understands how to earn an audience's affection. Lohan gets first-rate support from Michael Keaton as a good father still in mourning over the loss of his wife, and outstanding comedic assistance from Justin Long who in his opening scene manages one of the most perfectly executed pratfalls captured on film in quite some time. The MPAA's G rating is often associated with kid-only films, but the sweet and likable Herbie: Fully Loaded earns its G rating by reminding viewers of a time when that rating meant the film can be enjoyed by all audiences. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Mark Mothersbaugh  Composer (Music Score) 
Robert Simonds  Producer 
Michael Fottrell  Executive Producer 
Angela Robinson  Director 
Tracey Trench  Executive Producer 
Alfred Gough  Screenwriter 
Miles Millar  Screenwriter 
Charles Hirschhorn  Executive Producer 
Thomas Lennon  Screenwriter 
Robert Ben Garant  Screenwriter 
Lindsay Lohan  Actor 
Justin Long  Actor 
Breckin Meyer  Actor 
Matt Dillon  Actor 
Michael Keaton  Actor 
Cheryl Hines  Actor 
Jimmi Simpson  Actor 
Jill Ritchie  Actor 
Thomas Lennon  Actor 
Jeremy Roberts  Actor 
Scoot McNairy  Actor 
E.E. Bell  Actor 
Peter Pasco  Actor 
Mario Larraza  Actor 
Patrick Cranshaw  Actor 
Amy Hill  Actor 
Jim Cody Williams  Actor 
Allen Bestwick  Actor 
Benny Parsons  Actor 
Jeff Gordon  Actor 
Jimmie Johnson  Actor 
Dale Jarrett  Actor 
Tony Stewart  Actor 
Stuart Scott  Actor 
Bob Dillner  Actor 
Robert Ben Garant  Actor 
Tim Sitarz  Actor 
Bruno Gioiello  Actor 
Andy Hillenburg  Actor 
Edmund L. Shaff  Actor 
Caroline Limata  Actor 
Mary Bonner Baker  Actor 
Mark Deklin  Actor 
Rocky Soto  Actor 
Scott Martin Gershin  Actor 

Country: USA