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George of the Jungle

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MPAA Rating: PG
Contains:Mild Violence,Suitable for Children

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George of the Jungle

Theatrical Release Date: 1997 07 16 (USA)

UPC: 717951000101

Studio: Walt Disney Video

MPAA Rating: PG   Contains:[Mild Violence, Suitable for Children]

Summary: Jay Ward's fondly-remembered cartoon series about a klutzy king of the jungle gets the big-screen, live-action treatment in this comedy from Walt Disney Pictures. A young boy named George becomes lost in the jungles of the African nation of Bukuvu following a plane crash, where he's rescued and raised to manhood by an articulate ape called Ape (voice of John Cleese). George grows to become a strapping adult (played by Brendan Fraser) who is cheerful and good-hearted but not terribly bright, not to mention his nasty habit of running into trees while swinging on vines from one part of the jungle to another. Ursula Stanhope (Leslie Mann), an heiress from San Francisco, travels to Bukuvu for a safari, both to satisfy her thirst for adventure and because she's trying to get away from the snooty Lyle Van Der Groot (Thomas Haden Church), whom she is engaged to marry even though she doesn't like him very much. Lyle follows Ursula to Bukuvu, hoping to catch up with her and locate the legendary White Ape of the Jungle; when Ursula becomes stranded and is rescued by George, Lyle is determined to rescue her from the savage ape man, even though George is a greater threat to himself than anyone else. George finds himself infatuated with the lovely Ursula, and he hopes to win her heart, even though he's a bit rusty on the particulars of the human courtship ritual (Ape tries to help by lending him a copy of "Coffee, Tea, or Me?"). We also get to meet George's faithful pet Shep, an elephant who seems to have gotten the idea that he's a Cocker Spaniel. Blaxploitation legend Richard Roundtree also appears as Bukuvu dignitary Kwame. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Category: Comedy

Features: French and Spanish tracks
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George of the Jungle

Format: DVD

Release Date: 12/02/1997

Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Pre-1954 Standard

Audio: 2 PCM stereo

Runtime: 92 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English,French,Spanish

Subtitles: English

Region: USA & territories, Canada

Chapters: Chapter Selection
0. Chapter Selection
1. Program Start. [:13]
2. Opening Credits. [:11]
3. Legend Of The White Ape. [2:05]
4. Saved...By George! [2:05]
5. Here Comes Shep. [2:05]
6. A Little Monkey Talk. [:41]
7. Valuable Advice. [1:38]
8. Swahili Handbook. [1:38]
9. Dancin' Time. [1:38]
10. Welcome To San Francisco. [:07]
11. Fresh Out Of The Shower. [6:06]
12. Jazzed On Java. [1:47]
13. Swinging On The Golden Gate Bridge. [7:10]
14. Back In The Jungle. [:44]
15. Telling Mom And Dad. [2:35]
16. Discovery Of The Heart. [5:15]
17. Lyle's Return. [:12]
18. Finally, A Wedding. [:55]
19. Closing Credits. [4:39]

Derek Armstrong

If the Pauly Shore vehicle Encino Man served a useful purpose, it may have been to demonstrate the perfect pairing of Brendan Fraser and any role requiring primitive grunts and loincloths. And so it was, five years later, that Fraser's enthusiastic ape mannerisms found a more flattering home with George of the Jungle, Disney's live-action adaptation of the Jay Ward cartoon. Buoyed by a satirically over-dramatic narrator who banters with the characters, the film breezes through its running time, making the "watch out for that tree" joke a few too many times, but not to excess. The casting of Fraser might have been so natural as to seem obvious, but the producers picked a fortuitous supporting cast that does as much as the lead to animate this cartoon jungle. Leslie Mann is an ideal compliment in the Jane role, with the voice of a purring kitten and the googly eyes of a silent film star. As Mann's fiancée, sitcom malcontent Thomas Haden Church takes boorishness to similar extremes. Jim Henson's workshop also plays a role in establishing tone, but not as integrally as one might think. They get good mileage from the impractically rambunctious elephant Shep, but George's benefactor, the ape named Ape, receives too much attention from the camera to work as a seamless effect. John Cleese's persona does not synch up well with the character, his readings too effete and detached for this cuddly world. ~ Derek Armstrong, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Jon Avnet  Producer 
C. Tad Devlin  Executive Producer 
Jordan Kerner  Producer 
Dana Olsen  Screenwriter 
Marc Shaiman  Composer (Music Score) 
Sam Weisman  Director 
David Hoberman  Producer 
Audrey Wells  Screenwriter 
Brendan Fraser  Actor 
Leslie Mann  Actor 
Thomas Haden Church  Actor 
Richard Roundtree  Actor 
John Cleese  Actor 
Greg Cruttwell  Actor 
Abraham Benrubi  Actor 
Holland Taylor  Actor 
Kelly Miller  Actor 
John Bennett Perry  Actor 
Keith Scott  Actor 

Country: USA