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Doctor in the House

Dirk Bogarde  Actor Muriel Pavlow  Actor Kenneth More  Actor Donald Sinden  Actor Kay Kendall  Actor

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Doctor in the House

UPC: 018619630204

Studio: Wham! USA

Summary: The first of the popular British "Doctor" comedy series, Doctor in the House stars Dirk Bogarde as callow young medical student Simon Sparrow. Beginning his five-year internship at St. Swithin's Teaching Hospital, Sparrow continually runs afoul of head doctor Sir Lancelot Sprat (James Robertson-Justice). His social life is spiced up when Sparrow is taken under the wings of three student repeaters, who've flunked their prelims and are seeking a second chance. Most of the humor is very basic and not a little vulgar, ranging from the character name "Sir Lancelot Sprat" (say it really fast) to the now famous "What's the bleeding time?" routine. The film spawned several theatrical follow-ups, as well as a 1970s TV series; all were based on the semi-satirical novels by Dr. Richard Gordon. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Category: Comedy

Awards: Best British Actor – British Academy of Film and Television Arts Best British Film – British Academy of Film and Television Arts

Doctor in the House

Audio: DD2 Dolby Digital Stereo

Runtime: 88 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Region: Universal Compatability

Chapters: Disc #1 -- Doctor in the House
1. Finding Class [8:22]
2. Flat & Supplies [5:58]
3. Motivation [8:46]
4. Companion [7:20]
5. Pricey Date [6:51]
6. Nurse [6:15]
7. Practice [7:25]
8. Birth [10:49]
9. Rugby [5:52]
10. Punishment [3:02]
11. 4 Weeks [7:00]
12. Finals [10:10]

Cast and Crew: Betty E. Box  Producer 
Bruce Montgomery  Composer (Music Score) 
Nicholas Phipps  Screenwriter 
Ralph Thomas  Director 
Ronald Wilkins  Screenwriter 
Earl St. John  Executive Producer 
Richard Gordon  Screenwriter 
Dirk Bogarde  Actor 
Muriel Pavlow  Actor 
Kenneth More  Actor 
Donald Sinden  Actor 
Kay Kendall  Actor 
James Robertson Justice  Actor 
Donald Houston  Actor 
Suzanne Cloutier  Actor 
Geoffrey Keen  Actor 
George Coulouris  Actor 
Jean Taylor-Smith  Actor 
Harry Locke  Actor 
Ann Gudrun  Actor 
Joan Sims  Actor 
Maureen Pryor  Actor 
Shirley Eaton  Actor 
Geoffrey Sumner  Actor 
Nicholas Phipps  Actor 
George Benson  Actor 
Martin Boddey  Actor 
Cyril Chamberlain  Actor 
Ernest Clark  Actor 
Mark Dignam  Actor 
Felix Felton  Actor 
Lisa Gastoni  Actor 
Wyndham Goldie  Actor 
Joan Hickson  Actor 
Douglas Ives  Actor 
Eliot Makeham  Actor 
Anthony Marlowe  Actor 
Brian Oulton  Actor 
Amy Veness  Actor 
Mona Washbourne  Actor 
Richard Wattis  Actor 
Fred Griffiths  Actor 

Country: UK