Deep Red

David Hemmings  Actor Daria Nicolodi  Actor Gabriele Lavia  Actor Clara Calamai  Actor Macha Meril  Actor

MPAA Rating: NR
Contains:Violence,Adult Situations,Not For Children,Gore

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Deep Red

UPC: 827058115094

Studio: Blue Underground

MPAA Rating: NR   Contains:[Violence, Adult Situations, Not For Children, Gore]

Summary: The film that has become the master work in Italian horror maestro Dario Argento's canon, Deep Red holds up brilliantly despite the plethora of copycat slasher films it inspired in the years to follow. The film opens with a flashback murder shown from the perspective of a child while an eerie nursery rhyme plays. Cut to the present, pianist Marc Daly (David Hemmings) witnesses the murder of a psychic while chatting with his drunken pal, Carlo (Gabriele Lavia). While the police investigate, Marc joins forces with attractive reporter Gianna (Daria Nicolodi). Once Marc realizes that he is a target for the killer, he seeks help from Giordani (Glauco Mauri), a professor of the paranormal, who soon becomes one of the killer's victims. Marc's research leads him to an abandoned house where he discovers a secret room that hides a corpse. Before he can call the cops, he is knocked out and awakens to find the place in flames while Gianna holds him. Racing to the neighbors to call for help, Marc discovers an important clue that leads him to a nearby school where he finally finds the killer's identity. The madman attacks him, but the police arrive to save Marc. Though the case appears to be solved, Marc comes to the disturbing realization that one piece of the puzzle remains. ~ Patrick Legare, Rovi

Category: Thriller

Features: Interviews with co-writer/director Dario Argento, co-writer Bernardino Zapponi and Goblin (Caludio Simonetti, Massimo Morante, Fabio Pignatelli & Agostino Marangolo)
U.S. trailer
Italian trailer
Goblin music video - "Profondo Rosso" (2010) (Directed by Luigi Pastore)
Daemonia music video- "Profondo Rosso" (Directed by Sergio Stivaletti)

Deep Red

Format: DVD

Release Date: 04/26/2011

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Cinemascope

Audio: DTS-ESD Digital Theater 6.1 System, 1 USA & territories, Canada, DD-EX Dolby Digital Surround EX (simulated 6.1)

Runtime: 105 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English

Subtitles: English,French,Spanish

Region: Universal Compatability

Chapters: Disc #1 -- Deep Red
1. Main Titles [1:20]
2. Murderous Thoughts [4:59]
3. Driven To Kill [5:39]
4. Eyewitness [8:35]
5. Helga's Funeral [3:49]
6. The Weaker Sex [4:38]
7. Carlo's Mother [7:24]
8. Intruder [5:04]
9. The Children's Song [4:23]
10. Hot Water [7:56]
11. Too Late [4:58]
12. Last Words [3:35]
13. House Of The Screaming Child [5:43]
14. Dark Discovery [4:39]
15. The Man Who Knew Too Much [5:10]
16. Within The Walls [8:11]
17. Night School [6:51]
18. "I Know Who You Are" [3:50]
19. The Face Of a Killer [5:52]
20. End Credits [1:59]

Patrick Legare

Finally available in a fully uncut version, Dario Argento's Deep Red is a first-rate slasher film and one that would be an inspiration in style, direction, and music for such later films as Halloween and Friday the 13th. As with most of Argento's pictures, the murder sequences prove to be the highlight of Deep Red, but the script for this one is significantly stronger and the actors much better. As John Carpenter later did in Halloween, Argento keeps the body count to a minimum, but more than makes up for the low number by heaping on the style. Each of the murders is perfectly choreographed with particular praise going to Glauco Mauri's killing. In the scene, Mauri stands in his living room holding a knife, awaiting the killer he knows is there. Instead, a menacing puppet comes through a doorway at the shocked man, and that's when the killer strikes, smashing the man's face into several sharp corners before finishing him off with a knife. Another strong image is that of a victim being dispatched by drowning in scalding water (a scene that inspired a similar murder in Halloween II). The cast, led by David Hemmings and Argento regular Daria Nicolodi (who has two children with the director), is very strong, and features some exceptional background characters such as a little girl who likes spearing lizards. Technically, the film is another example of Argento's expertise with cameras, special effects, and sound effects. The director's use of widescreen lensing is exceptional and the film should never be watched unless letterboxed. The final reel wraps the film up in a thrilling manner and features two extremely graphic deaths that leave the viewer stunned as the credits roll. The newly restored version is nearly 30 minutes longer than the previous American tape, but much of the footage is playful dialogue between Hemmings and Nicolodi that only slows the picture down. ~ Patrick Legare, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Claudio Argento  Executive Producer 
Claudio Argento  Producer 
Dario Argento  Director 
Dario Argento  Screenwriter 
Salvatore Argento  Producer 
Goblin  Composer (Music Score) 
Bernardino Zapponi  Screenwriter 
Giuseppe Bassan  Screenwriter 
Giorgio Gaslini  Composer (Music Score) 
David Hemmings  Actor 
Daria Nicolodi  Actor 
Gabriele Lavia  Actor 
Clara Calamai  Actor 
Macha Meril  Actor 
Glauco Mauri  Actor 
Eros Pagni  Actor 
Giuliana Calandra  Actor 
Liana DelBalzo  Actor 
Dante Fioretti  Actor 
Geraldine Hooper  Actor 
Furio Meniconi  Actor 
Fulvio Mingozzi  Actor 
Lorenzo Piani  Actor 
Salvatore Puntillo  Actor 
Piero Vida  Actor 
Nicoletta Elmi  Actor 
Vittorio Fanfoni  Actor 

Country: Italy