Marion Cotillard  Actor Matt Damon  Actor Laurence Fishburne  Actor Jude Law  Actor Gwyneth Paltrow  Actor Kate Winslet  Actor Bryan Cranston  Actor Jennifer Ehle  Actor Sanaa Lathan  Actor


MPAA Rating: PG13

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Theatrical Release Date: 2011 09 09 (USA - IMAX) / 2011 09 09 (USA)

UPC: 883929206469

Studio: Warner Home Video

MPAA Rating: PG13   Contains:[Profanity]

Summary: Steven Soderbergh presents this look at what happens when an infectious disease threatens humanity through varied viewpoints from an ensemble cast, including Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne, and Kate Winslet. The Informant's Scott Z. Burns provides the script. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

Category: Action


Release Date: 01/31/2012

Runtime: 106 Minutes

Alaina O'Connor

Steven Soderbergh's latest film, Contagion, follows the rapid progression of a fatal airborne virus that kills its hosts within days. As the fast-moving epidemic grows, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure, struggle to survive, and stop the gradual disintegration of society. The film is a good representation of Soderbergh's typical style of filmmaking. He weaves together numerous plots anchored by the central theme of how a contagious disease evolves into a pandemic, while quietly, inexorably getting under your skin. Contagion is chilling, even frightening, and screenwriter Scott Z. Burns, along with Soderbergh, examines how easily an outbreak becomes a global pandemic that reduces society to individuals fighting for survival.
The story begins with a cough over a black screen, and then we meet Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow), a marketing executive at a Chicago airport bar on the way home to Minnesota from Hong Kong. She thinks she has jet lag. When she arrives home to her husband, Mitch (Matt Damon), and young son, things escalate. Soon the boy is sick, and it quickly becomes clear that this is more than the flu. After a quick trip around the world as people with similar symptoms drop like flies -- a man collapses on a bus in Asia, while a model dies on the bathroom floor of her hotel room -- we meet Dr. Ellis Cheever (Laurence Fishburne) at the Centers for Disease Control, who works with a team of scientists, doctors, and health professionals in an effort to first find out what's happening and then how to stop it.
The film boasts an impressive cast, including Kate Winslet as a by-the-book field doctor working with Cheever, Marion Cotillard as a doctor from the World Health Organization who travels to China (where the disease is suspected to have originated), and Jude Law as a paranoid conspiracy-theorist blogger working to expose government secrets. We care about these people and their situations to varying degrees, and although each has at least some compelling aspect to their stories, each also eventually treads a fine line between authentic and clichéd.
Still, the story begins and ends with Matt Damon, whose character Mitch happens to be immune to the virus and whose wife was patient zero. Damon can easily claim that he's the film's central character, and he and Soderbergh work in tandem to build Mitchas the audience surrogate, allowing him moments of great humanity while carefully avoiding sentimentality.
Contagion is much more compelling when it shows what it takes to confront a huge, unexpected problem, not merely how susceptible we are to sickness and chaos. Soderbergh really knows how to manipulate his audience -- the shared sip from a glass here, the touch of a doorknob there -- to the point where it seems so real, so plausible, as to give the audience an icky kind of feeling. It's time to stock up on that hand sanitizer. ~ Alaina O'Connor, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Cliff Martinez  Composer (Music Score) 
Michael Shamberg  Producer 
Stacey Sher  Producer 
Steven Soderbergh  Director 
Greg Jacobs  Producer 
Michael Polaire  Executive Producer 
Jonathan King  Executive Producer 
Ricky Strauss  Producer 
Jeff Skoll  Executive Producer 
Scott Z. Burns  Screenwriter 
Marion Cotillard  Actor 
Matt Damon  Actor 
Laurence Fishburne  Actor 
Jude Law  Actor 
Gwyneth Paltrow  Actor 
Kate Winslet  Actor 
Bryan Cranston  Actor 
Jennifer Ehle  Actor 
Sanaa Lathan  Actor 
Chui Tien-you  Actor 
Josie Ho  Actor 
Daria Strokous  Actor 
Griffin Kane  Actor 
John Hawkes  Actor 
Monique Gabriela Curnen  Actor 
Stef Tovar  Actor 
Grace Rex  Actor 
Armin Rohde  Actor 
Rebecca Spence  Actor 
Larry Clarke  Actor 
Anna Jacoby-Heron  Actor 
Demetri Martin  Actor 
Elliott Gould  Actor 
Enrico Colantoni  Actor 
Dan Aho  Actor 
Chin Han  Actor 
Blair Robertson  Actor 
Brian J. O'Donnell  Actor 
Annabel Armour  Actor 
Kara Zediker  Actor 
Dr. Sanjay Gupta  Actor 
Dan Flannery  Actor 
Joshua Seiden  Actor 
Yoshiaki Kobayashi  Actor 
Teri McEvoy  Actor 
Sue Redman  Actor 
Teri Campbell  Actor 
Mary Jo Faraci  Actor 
Joseph Anthony Foronda  Actor 
Phillip James Brannon  Actor 
David Lively  Actor 
Andrew White  Actor 
Dr. Ira Blumen  Actor 
Scott Stangland  Actor 
Jimmy Chung  Actor 
Rick Uecker  Actor 
Tara Mallen  Actor 
John Hines  Actor 
Joshua Weinstein  Actor 
Sarah Charipar  Actor 
Mark Czoske  Actor 
Hee-Wan Kwon  Actor 
Phil Tang  Actor 
Robert Chi  Actor 
Randy Lowell  Actor 
Pete Sack  Actor 
Kwok Wah Wong  Actor 
Sau Ming Raymond Tsang  Actor 
Jim Ortlieb  Actor 
Joshua Pollock  Actor 
Laura T. Fisher  Actor 
Peter A. Kelly  Actor 
Mary Beth Dolan  Actor 
Jason Babinsky  Actor 
Howie Johnson  Actor 
Thomas Gebbia  Actor 
Dan Sanders-Joyce  Actor 
Wong Kam-tong  Actor 
Michael Franck  Actor 

Country: USA