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Christmas in Connecticut

Barbara Stanwyck  Actor Dennis Morgan  Actor Sydney Greenstreet  Actor Reginald Gardiner  Actor

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Christmas in Connecticut

UPC: 012569677166

Studio: Warner Home Video

Summary: War hero Dennis Morgan becomes the object of a publicity stunt staged by magazine publisher Sidney Greenstreet. The corpulent print mogul announces that Morgan has won a Christmas dinner, to be prepared by the magazine's housekeeping expert Barbara Stanwyck in her own Connecticut home. The catch: Not only does Stanwyck not have a home in Connecticut, but she's never been in a kitchen in her life! She also doesn't have a husband (as her articles claim), so Stanwyck's erstwhile beau Reginald Gardiner is pressed into service as the hubby. As for the cooking, that will be handled by master chef S. Z. "Cuddles" Sakall. This solves everything, right? No way, Jose. Long dismissed as a lesser film farce, Christmas in Connecticut has its own irresistible charm, and has in recent years become a perennial Christmas TV attraction. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Category: Comedy

Features: cc Vintage Oscar -Winning short Star In The Light
Theatrical Trailer

Christmas in Connecticut

Format: DVD

Release Date: 11/08/2005

Audio: DD1 Dolby Digital Mono

Runtime: 101 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English

Subtitles: English,French,Spanish

Region: USA & territories, Canada

Chapters: Disc #1 -- Christmas in Connecticut
1. Credits [1:08]
2. In the Mood for food [4:53]
3. Working the old magoo [3:43]
4. In a little trouble [3:29]
5. Mink and breakfast [2:58]
6. In a little trouble [4:06]
7. Her holiday guests [3:03]
8. Instant spouse and farm [5:32]
9. Attending to details [4:12]
10. Here comes the...sailor [5:14]
11. Bath time [4:10]
12. Yardley arrives [3:52]
13. Short cut [1:34]
14. Circulation boosts [3:51]
15. Wedding in waiting [4:25]
16. Moonlight snow and a cow [6:03]
17. Goodnight, John [2:40]
18. Changing the baby [2:08]
19. No time to take inventory [2:40]
20. Flip me just one [3:34]
21. Invitation to dance [4:33]
22. Sleigh ride [4:25]
23. Bye bye baby [2:29]
24. Blatant immortality [3:56]
25. That settles it [4:19]
26. Great fixer [4:56]
27. What a wife.... and a Christmas [3:13]

Craig Butler

Although definitely not in the same league as her Ball of Fire or The Lady Eve, Christmas in Connecticut would be worth watching if for no other reason than to see Barbara Stanwyck's attempts at being a "homebody." A unique talent, Stanwyck is in very fine form throughout the film. In less capable hands, the character could come across as sneaky, manipulative, and mean, but Stanwyck somehow makes all of these qualities seem lovable and totally forgivable. She's also sexy -- what more could anyone want? Well, perhaps some of the dialogue could be a bit snappier and some of the plotting a trifle less obvious. But given the fast pace that director Peter Godfrey employs, there's fortunately little time to worry about these defects. Besides, Una O'Connor and S.Z. Sakall add enormously to the fun, and even Dennis Morgan isn't bad. Christmas in Connecticut may not be perfect, but it's slick and lively and never less than entertaining. ~ Craig Butler, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Adele Comandini  Screenwriter 
Peter Godfrey  Director 
Frederick Hollander  Composer (Music Score) 
Lionel Houser  Screenwriter 
William Jacobs  Producer 
Barbara Stanwyck  Actor 
Dennis Morgan  Actor 
Sydney Greenstreet  Actor 
Reginald Gardiner  Actor 
Robert Shayne  Actor 
Una O'Connor  Actor 
Frank Jenks  Actor 
Joyce Compton  Actor 
Dick Elliott  Actor 
Charles Arnt  Actor 
Douglas Carter  Actor 
Allen Fox  Actor 
Betty Alexander  Actor 
Arthur Aylesworth  Actor 
Marie Blake  Actor 
Lillian Bronson  Actor 
John Dehner  Actor 
Jo Gilbert  Actor 
Olaf Hytten  Actor 
Fred Kelsey  Actor 
Pat Lane  Actor 
Robert Machray  Actor 
Charles Marsh  Actor 
Jack Mower  Actor 
John O'Connor  Actor 
Charles Sherlock  Actor 
S.Z. Sakall  Actor 
Walter S. Baldwin  Actor 
Emmett E. Smith  Actor 

Country: USA