Cabin Fever

Jordan Ladd  Actor James DeBello  Actor Rider Strong  Actor Joey Kern  Actor Cerina Vincent  Actor


MPAA Rating: R
Contains:Adult Language,Substance Abuse,Sexual Situations,Gore,Watch With Your Teen

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Cabin Fever

Theatrical Release Date: 2003 09 12 (USA)

UPC: 031398110842

Studio: Lions Gate

MPAA Rating: R   Contains:[Adult Language, Substance Abuse, Sexual Situations, Gore, Watch With Your Teen]

Summary: Five college buddies retreat to the woods for a little R & R and end up getting a horrific lesson in infectious disease in this low-budget shocker. Cabin Fever stars Rider Strong as the geeky Paul, who hopes to settle in around the campfire with his brash buds Jeff (Joey Kern) and Bert (James DeBello), and make the moves on the nubile-but-shy Karen (Jordan Ladd). Unfortunately, a wayward, forest-dwelling vagrant (Arie Verveen) stumbles into their lives, his skin badly desiccated by a mysterious virus. Fearing for their own lives, the quintet decide to do away with the man, with little success: He stumbles away from the campsite and into a nearby stream, where his disease quickly infects the local water supply. It isn't long before the oblivious co-eds get a taste of the man's illness, and in their desperation, each learns that he or she will stop at nothing to survive. Cabin Fever premiered at the 2002 Toronto Film Festival, where it was snapped up by Lions Gate for a fall 2003 release. ~ Michael Hastings, Rovi

Category: Horror

Awards: Producers Award – Independent Spirit Awards

Features: cc Director's Shorts: The Rotten Fruit
Five feature-length commentaries
"Beneath the Skin: The Making of Cabin Fever"
Family-Friendly Version

Cabin Fever

Format: DVD

Release Date: 01/20/2004

Audio: DD5.1 Dolby Digital 5.1, DS Dolby Surround (4.0)

Runtime: 92 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English

Subtitles: English,Spanish

Chapters: Side #1 --
1. Infected Dog [3:56]
2. Paul Meets Dennis [3:25]
3. Old Man Cadwell [2:27]
4. The Cabin [3:09]
5. Squirrel Hunting [2:40]
6. Lenny Meads Bowling Alley Massacre [5:40]
7. Smoking With Grim [6:04]
8. Burn the Hermit [4:19]
9. The Hog Lady [3:20]
10. Deputy Winston [6:35]
11. What to Do... [3:54]
12. Red Love [3:27]
13. The Shed [1:48]
14. Bert Loses the Bet [4:54]
15. Karen Falls Apart [2:58]
16. Pancakes [1:12]
17. "It's Like Being on a Plane..." [5:44]
18. The Reservoir [2:12]
19. Leg Shaving [3:24]
20. "This Ain't Christian" [2:03]
21. Grim's Cave [1:39]
22. Venison a la Truck [1:16]
23. Winstons Underage Booze Party [3:33]
24. The Hospital [2:28]
25. "I Made It" [3:31]
26. Lemonade [2:14]
27. Credits [4:04]

Michael Hastings

The recipient of an inordinate amount of hype after a bidding war made it one of the hot buys at the 2002 Toronto Film Festival, Eli Roth's quickie horror comedy may be a notch sicker than the average studio shocker -- and righteously so -- but don't mistake its lame stabs at humor for anything resembling actual wit. Cabin Fever seems less like an homage to Night of the Living Dead and The Evil Dead -- as some critics have suggested -- and more like a facsimile of those films' many rip-offs. Although the laughs don't come from the Scream school of self-aware in-jokes, Roth still indulges in facile ironies. He can't zero in on what his script's horrific flesh-eating virus is supposed to represent: Fever's coed campers are sex-obsessed, but the film isn't about hormonal horror; and though the main characters are full of anti-outsider, anti-rural-bumpkin vitriol, the movie shares their classist, myopic point-of view. Of course, subtext wouldn't matter if the film were genuinely scary, but Roth consistently undercuts the suspense with disingenuous splatter and throwaway ethnic gags that would have seemed dated in 1981. As far as 2003 virus pictures go, there's no question Roth's is better than the big-budget debacle Dreamcatcher, but one need only look to Danny Boyle's shot-on-the-cheap offering 28 Days Later for proof of Cabin Fever's inadequacies. ~ Michael Hastings, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Randy Pearlstein  Screenwriter 
Angelo Badalamenti  Composer (Music Score) 
Nathan Barr  Composer (Music Score) 
Lauren Moews  Producer 
Sam Froelich  Producer 
Eli Roth  Director 
Eli Roth  Producer 
Eli Roth  Screenwriter 
Evan Astrowsky  Producer 
Susan Jackson  Executive Producer 
Jeffrey D. Hoffman  Executive Producer 
Jordan Ladd  Actor 
James DeBello  Actor 
Rider Strong  Actor 
Joey Kern  Actor 
Cerina Vincent  Actor 
Arie Verveen  Actor 
Giuseppe Andrews  Actor 
Eli Roth  Actor 
Richard Boone  Actor 
Robert Harris  Actor 
Matthew Helms  Actor 
Brandon Johnson  Actor 
Tim Parati  Actor 
Jay Aaseng  Actor 
Joe Adams  Actor 
Evan Astrowsky  Actor 
Noah Belson  Actor 
Luke Blackwood  Actor 
Matt Cappiello  Actor 
Julie Childress  Actor 
Hal Courtney  Actor 
Jeff Evans  Actor 
Jana Farmer  Actor 
Philip Fox  Actor 
Sam Froelich  Actor 
Richard Fullerton  Actor 
J.K. Godbold  Actor 
Donald Lee Hall Jr.  Actor 
Michael Harding  Actor 
Mike Hill  Actor 
Jeff Hoffman  Actor 
Paige Hunter  Actor 
Darcy Jo Martin  Actor 
Dean Masserman  Actor 
Dean Masserman  Actor 
Jessica Masserman  Actor 
Doug McDermott  Actor 
Dalton McGuire  Actor 
Jeremy A. Metcalf  Actor 
Mark Morse  Actor 
John Neff  Actor 
Nancy Neff  Actor 
Michael Reardon  Actor 
Jeff Rendell  Actor 
Rock  Actor 
Cherie Rodgers  Actor 
Adam Roth  Actor 
Gabriel Roth and the Mirrors  Actor 
Mark Schwarz  Actor 
Matthew Schwarz  Actor 
Shana Schwarz  Actor 
Jessica Shortkoff  Actor 
Heather Simmons  Actor 
Shiloh Strong  Actor 
Bill Terrell  Actor 
Richard Terrell  Actor 
Tommy Terrell  Actor 
Gino Vincent  Actor 
Dante Walker  Actor 
Christy Ward  Actor 
Glenn Weisberger  Actor 
Roy Wood  Actor 

Country: USA