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Any Which Way You Can

Clint Eastwood  Actor Sondra Locke  Actor Ruth Gordon  Actor William Smith  Actor Harry Guardino  Actor


MPAA Rating: PG
Contains:Violence,Adult Situations,Questionable for Children,Adult Language,Adult Humor

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Any Which Way You Can

UPC: 883929107803

Studio: Warner Home Video

MPAA Rating: PG   Contains:[Violence, Adult Situations, Questionable for Children, Adult Language, Adult Humor]

Summary: This sequel to Every Which Way But Loose finds Philo Beddoe (Clint Eastwood) on the road, orangutan companion Clyde in tow, as he makes his way as a bare-knuckle fighter. The action begins with Philo punching out a new victim while Clyde relieves himself on the seat of a police car, setting the tone for the rest of the story. From there, Philo and Clyde return home, where Philo, who still lives with Ma (Ruth Gordon), is offered a contest with Jack Wilson (William Smith), the Mafia-sponsored East Coast bare-knuckle champ. Philo inadvertently saves Wilson's life, but then the Mafia kidnaps his girlfriend (Sondra Locke) to force him to go ahead with the match. Philo and Wilson team up to battle the Mob, but somehow they end up fighting anyway in a grueling climactic sequence. Country music, bikers, the Mafia, an orangutan, pick-up trucks, defecation jokes, fighting, drinking, and swearing -- it's all here in this lowbrow comic stew. ~ Don Kaye, Rovi

Category: Action

Features: cc

Any Which Way You Can

Format: DVD

Release Date: 06/01/2010

Audio: DD5.1 Dolby Digital 5.1

Runtime: 116 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English

Subtitles: English,French

Region: USA & territories, Canada

Chapters: Disc #1 -- Any Which Way You Can
1. Credits [2:31]
2. Taking on the Law [6:28]
3. Defeat Stinks [1:52]
4. Snake Pit [2:46]
5. Unexpected Sights [2:37]
6. Have Another Beer [3:09]
7. Business Handlers [5:15]
8. Tolerably Together [4:55]
9. Right Turn, Clyde [1:47]
10. Guys Not Allowed [3:22]
11. Sleeping Arrangements [:28]
12. Play and Work [2:25]
13. Jog Till You Drop [2:10]
14. Watching Him Work [2:18]
15. Scrap the Caddy [4:52]
16. Tar Without Feathers [3:33]
17. Scrappy About Bakersfield [4:37]
18. Motel Romance [3:26]
19. She's A 10 [4:56]
20. Comings and Goings [3:17]
21. Kidnap and Rescue [2:24]
22. Church- and Fightgoers [2:31]
23. Crosses to Bear [2:55]
24. Pieces of Action [2:18]
25. Looking Out for Philo [3:33]
26. Letting Lynn Loose [4:28]
27. All Bets Are Off [4:08]
28. The Fight Is On [2:16]
29. Bikers Kick Ass [3:58]
30. One-Armed Wonder [3:33]
31. Payoff via Big Tony [5:20]
32. They're Even [2:26]
33. Right Turn Redux [2:57]
34. End Credits [1:41]

Karl Williams

Hard as it may be to believe, this sequel and its predecessor, Every Which Way But Loose (1978), were major hits of the "good ol' boy" school of filmmaking dominated by stars Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds in the late '70s. Featuring car chases, rotund idiot cops or bikers in pursuit, some sort of goofy animal frolic, country tunes, and tee shirt-clad he-men good with their fists and CB radios but emotionally challenged by women, the type came and went (thankfully) in a flash, but wracked up some serious box-office coin. Gleefully embracing the conventions of its bizarre genre, this flimsy excuse for drunken brawling, pratfalls, and lowbrow monkey humor actually works almost as well as the film that preceded it. Director Buddy Van Horn and Eastwood don't pretend to make more of it than it is, and keep the pace taut, the jokes flying -- so that you don't notice the clunkers as much -- and wisely get scene stealer Ruth Gordon to re-up as the protagonist's salty mater. If it all seems a retread of the first flick, well, it is, but it's still funny to see an orangutan give a gang leader the finger and fun to shake your head in disbelief at the door-slamming sound effects every time Clint connects a punch to his opponent's jaw. The first film's weaknesses are all here again as well, notably Sondra Locke in an utterly pointless role as a stone-faced country singer delivering a less persuasive performance than the aforementioned primate. Strictly for fans of a strange, best-forgotten era of artistic drought in the cinema, Any Which Way You Can can nevertheless be enjoyed for its effectively stupid yuks and its status as a relic of its absurd times. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Robert Daley  Executive Producer 
Jeremy Joe Kronsberg  Screenwriter 
Fritz Manes  Producer 
Stanford Sherman  Screenwriter 
Buddy Van Horn  Director 
Clint Eastwood  Actor 
Sondra Locke  Actor 
Ruth Gordon  Actor 
William Smith  Actor 
Harry Guardino  Actor 
Geoffrey Lewis  Actor 
Michael Cavanaugh  Actor 
Barry Corbin  Actor 
Roy Jenson  Actor 
Bill McKinney  Actor 
William O'Connell  Actor 
John Quade  Actor 
Al Ruscio  Actor 
Dan Vadis  Actor 
Dan Barrows  Actor 
Michael Brockman  Actor 
Julie Brown  Actor 
Glen Campbell  Actor 
Dick Christie  Actor 
Rebecca Clemons  Actor 
Reid Cruickshanks  Actor 
Michael Currie  Actor 
Gary Lee Davis  Actor 
Dick Durock  Actor 
Michael Fairman  Actor 
James Gammon  Actor 
Ann Nelson  Actor 
Weston Gavin  Actor 
Lance Gordon  Actor 
Lynn Hallowell  Actor 
Peter Hobbs  Actor 
Art La Fleur  Actor 
Ken Lerner  Actor 
John McKinney  Actor 
Robin Menken  Actor 
George Murdock  Actor 
Jack Murdock  Actor 
Sunshine Parker  Actor 
Kent Perkins  Actor 
Anne Ramsey  Actor 
Logan Ramsey  Actor 
Tessa Richarde  Actor 
Bill Sorrells  Actor 
Jim Stafford  Actor 
Michael Talbott  Actor 
Mark L. Taylor  Actor 
Jack Thibeau  Actor 
Charles Walker  Actor 
Jerry Brutsche  Actor 
Larry Holt  Actor 
Fats Domino  Actor 

Country: USA