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An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore  Actor


MPAA Rating: PG
Contains:Adult Situations

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An Inconvenient Truth

Theatrical Release Date: 2006 05 26 (USA - Limited)

UPC: 097363480846

Studio: Paramount

MPAA Rating: PG   Contains:[Adult Situations]

Summary: Former vice president Al Gore shares his concerns on the pressing issue of global warming in this documentary. A long-time environmental activist, Gore first became aware of evidence on global warming in the 1970s, and since leaving public office he has become a passionate advocate for large- and small-scale changes in our laws and lifestyles that could help alleviate this crisis. An Inconvenient Truth records a multi-media presentation hosted by Gore in which he discusses the scientific facts behind global warming, explains how it has already begun to affect our environment, talks about the disastrous consequences if the world's governments and citizens do not act, and shares what each individual can do to help protect the Earth for this and future generations. An Inconvenient Truth was directed by Davis Guggenheim, a veteran documentary filmmaker who also has an extensive background in episodic television. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Category: Culture & Society

Awards: Film Presented – Sundance Film Festival Film Presented – Cannes Film Festival Best Documentary – National Board of Review Best Documentary – New York Film Critics Online Best Documentary – Los Angeles Film Critics Association Best Documentary – Washington D.C. Film Critics Association Best Non-Fiction Film (Runner-up) – New York Film Critics Society Best Song – Broadcast Film Critics Association Best Documentary – Broadcast Film Critics Association Best Documentary – Toronto Film Critics Association Best Documentary – Chicago Film Critics Association Best Documentary – Satellite Awards Best Documentary – Las Vegas Film Critics Association Best Documentary – Phoenix Film Critics Association Best Documentary – Utah Film Critics Best Documentary – Oklahoma Film Critics Circle Best Documentary – Dallas/Fort Worth Film Critics Association Best Documentary – National Society of Film Critics Best Documentary – Kansas City Film Critics Association Best Documentary – Online Film Critics Association Best Edited Documentary – American Cinema Editors Guild Best Edited Documentary – American Cinema Editors Guild Best Documentary – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Best Song – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Features: "An update with former Vice-President Al Gore"
"The making of An Inconvenient Truth"
"I Need to Wake Up" music video by Melissa Etheridge
Commentary by producers Davis Guggenheim
Commentary by producers Laurei David, Lawrence Bender, Scott Z. Burns and Lesley Chilcott
Free companion educational guide available at www. clilmatecrisis.net

An Inconvenient Truth

Format: DVD

Release Date: 11/21/2006

Audio: DD5.1 Dolby Digital 5.1, DD2 Dolby Digital Stereo

Runtime: 96 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English

Subtitles: English,French,Spanish

Region: USA & territories, Canada

Chapters: Disc #1 -- An Inconvenient Truth: A Global Warning
1. The River [6:29]
2. Continental Drift [:21]
3. Basic Science of Global Warming [2:02]
4. Global Warming Cartoon [1:00]
5. Professor Revelle [1:54]
6. C02 Measure Since 1958 [:29]
7. Glaciers Recede [1:47]
8. Ice Cores [2:17]
9. C02 Levels Back 650,000 Years [2:09]
10. Albert's Accident [:02]
11. Rising Temperatures [1:49]
12. Hurricanes [3:46]
13. 2000 Election [:41]
14. Precipitation and Evaporation [3:16]
15. The Gore Farm [1:55]
16. The Arctic [4:11]
17. The Ocean Conveyor [2:33]
18. Resistance to Change [:16]
19. Troubling Signs [2:20]
20. Antarctica [2:20]
21. Sea-Level Rise [:21]
22. China [3:48]
23. Population Explosion [2:14]
24. Old Habit + New Technology [1:12]
25. Working Tobacco [2:04]
26. Is There a Controversy? [2:47]
27. Science Fraud [3:01]
28. Balancing the Economy and Environment [3:21]
29. City by City [:36]
30. The Solutions Are in Our Hands [2:15]
31. Are We Capable of Doing Great Things? [1:44]
32. Our Only Home [1:13]

Derek Armstrong

On the heels of Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) and March of the Penguins (2005), An Inconvenient Truth was the breakout documentary du jour for 2006, setting box-office per-screen average records over Memorial Day. But it was also a makeover for former vice president Al Gore, repositioning him as a hip and accessible public servant who might actually have enough buzz to win the 2008 presidential election. While Gore has denied having any future presidential aspirations, what's undeniable is that this man has worked tirelessly to increase awareness of his long-time pet issue: global warming. His film makes it seem absurd that these concerns were ever considered marginal. An Inconvenient Truth provides incontrovertible evidence to even the most determined skeptics, and does so without scolding viewers or resorting to overtly partisan politics. As a bonus, it actually entertains audiences in a way Gore the candidate never could. He is conversational, easygoing. Although Gore and director Davis Guggenheim cannot resist several low-level jabs at the Bush administration, these come off at the perfect pitch, and add humor to the otherwise sobering and staggering figures.

With a savvy mixture of lecture footage from Gore's exhaustive touring circuit, computer-aided scenarios and vignettes from Gore's life, An Inconvenient Truth does double duty: it humanizes the prospective global tragedy, but it also humanizes the politician himself. Gore supporters may wince during a potentially self-serving recap of his loss to George W. Bush, or when he stretches to assign topical relevance to his sister's lung cancer. But even these are handled well enough not to distract, and they provide a necessary counterpoint to the onslaught of scientific information. Whether An Inconvenient Truth ultimately engenders long-term policy and social change, or just a temporary upswing in recycling, remains to be written. Just like Gore's own legacy as a public figure. ~ Derek Armstrong, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Lawrence Bender  Producer 
Davis Guggenheim  Director 
Davis Guggenheim  Executive Producer 
Michael Brook  Composer (Music Score) 
Jeffrey D. Ivers  Executive Producer 
Ricky Strauss  Executive Producer 
Jeff Skoll  Executive Producer 
Scott Z. Burns  Producer 
Laurie David  Producer 
Diane Weyermann  Executive Producer 
Al Gore  Actor 

Country: USA