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All Dogs Go to Heaven

Burt Reynolds  Actor Judith Barsi  Actor Dom DeLuise  Actor Vic Tayback  Actor Charles Nelson Reilly  Actor Melba Moore  Actor Loni Anderson  Actor


MPAA Rating: G
Contains:Suitable for Children

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All Dogs Go to Heaven

Theatrical Release Date: 1989 11 17 (USA)

UPC: 027616859099

Studio: MGM

MPAA Rating: G   Contains:[Suitable for Children]

Summary: One of the most expensive of Don Bluth's animated cartoon features, All Dogs Go to Heaven was also among the most successful. Set in late-'30s New Orleans, the story centers upon a roguish German shepherd named Charlie B. Barkin (voice of Burt Reynolds), who is killed early in the proceedings by his business partner, Carface (voice of Vic Tayback). Charlie travels to Heaven, and is promptly warned that if he heads back to Earth, he can never return; he does decide to go back to Earth, however, to exact revenge on Carface, who has kidnapped Anne-Marie, a little orphan girl who can talk to Animals.
The film also includes the vocal skills of Dom DeLuise, Charles Nelson Reilly, Vic Tayback, Melba Moore, Loni Anderson, and a host of others. All Dogs Go to Heaven was the first production of the Dublin-based Sullivan Bluth Studios. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Category: Children's/Family

Features: Original theatrical trailer

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Format: DVD

Release Date: 03/06/2001

Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Pre-1954 Standard

Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital 5.1, 2 PCM stereo

Runtime: 85 Minutes

Sides: 1

Number of Discs: 1

Language(s) English,French

Subtitles: French,Spanish

Region: USA & territories, Canada

Chapters: Side #1
0. Scene Selections
1. Logos/"Rat Race" [:09]
2. You Can't Keep A Good Dog Down [5:09]
3. Carface & Charlie [3:21]
4. Let Me Be Surprised [5:44]
5. "I'm Not A Ghost!" [5:14]
6. Saving Anne-Marie [4:08]
7. Bedtime Story [5:10]
8. "Grand Chawhee To Win." [8:59]
9. "Jackpot!" [2:50]
10. What's Mine Is Yours [3:13]
11. Soon You'll Come Home [5:27]
12. "Don't Worry About Me." [5:11]
13. Let's Make Music Together [2:59]
14. "Bad Dog!" [5:29]
15. To The Rescue [5:41]
16. Heavenly Dog/Credits [5:12]

Craig Butler

Animated films by director Don Bluth tend to be somewhat frustrating. There's always so much in them that is right that the inevitable flaws are especially galling -- particularly because Bluth and his crew seem to do the hardest things so well and slip up in seemingly easier areas. All Dogs Go to Heaven is one of Bluth's weaker efforts, but it does feature some exceptional animation. Bluth and his animators have created an avalanche of color, a full rendering of the palette that is often gorgeous. And the character animation itself is very good -- precise, detailed, and evocative. Also worthy of praise is Charles Strouse's score; while not a classic, it is extremely catchy. "Let's Make Music Together" is particularly good and is presented in a faux-Esther Williams style that is entirely winning. Unfortunately, these pluses are offset by an unruly and predictable script and characters that range from unpleasant to uninteresting. The dialogue is weak, with strained humor (e.g. "Some of the poorest people I know are as broke as the Ten Commandments."). And, as is often the case with Bluth, the film is too deliberately paced -- even the action sequences come across as slightly by the book rather than spontaneous. Although children will find Dogs reasonably entertaining, adults may find themselves checking their watches a lot. ~ Craig Butler, Rovi

Cast and Crew: Don Bluth  Director 
Don Bluth  Screenwriter 
Ralph Burns  Composer (Music Score) 
Gary Goldman  Director 
Gary Goldman  Screenwriter 
Dan Kuenster  Director 
Larry Leker  Screenwriter 
Linda Miller  Screenwriter 
John Pomeroy  Screenwriter 
David Steinberg  Screenwriter 
Charles Strouse  Composer (Music Score) 
David N. Weiss  Screenwriter 
Morris F. Sullivan  Executive Producer 
George A. Walker  Executive Producer 
Burt Reynolds  Actor 
Judith Barsi  Actor 
Dom DeLuise  Actor 
Vic Tayback  Actor 
Charles Nelson Reilly  Actor 
Melba Moore  Actor 
Candy Devine  Actor 
Ken Page  Actor 
Loni Anderson  Actor 
Robert Fuller  Actor 
Earleen Carey  Actor 
Anna Manahan  Actor 
Nigel Pegram  Actor 
Godfrey Quigley  Actor 
John K. Carr  Actor 
Dan Kuenster  Actor 
Dan Molina  Actor 
Mark Swan  Actor 
Dick Zondag  Actor 

Country: UK,USA