Wipeout 3

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Wipeout 3

UPC: 047875769342

Platform: Wii

Developer: Behaviour Interactive

Synopsis: Wii users once again put themselves in the middle of ABC's hit gameshow as they run, duck, jump, and contort their bodies through a variety of wacky obstacle courses in Wipeout 3. Viewed from an over-the-shoulder perspective, players guide their character through 12 new winter and summer courses, avoiding familiar pitfalls like the "Sweeper Arms" and "Big Balls," and watching replays of outrageous spills. Multiplayer fans can join up to three friends for split-screen competitions, and gamers can visit the new Wipeout Shop to purchase performance enhancers or unlock new characters. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide

Package Contents: 8-page Instruction Manual

Controls: Joystick/Gamepad

the game requires Joystick/Gamepad.