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Wet and Wild

Sandra Hill  Author

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Wet and Wild


Series: Viking II Ser.

Volume: 4

ISBN: 0062019236

EAN: 9780062019233

Category: Fiction / Romance / Time Travel

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Release Date: 11/25/2011

Synopsis: What do you get when you crossa Viking with a Navy SEAL? A warrior with fierce instincts of the pastand the rigorous training of Americas mostelite fighting corps . . .A totally buff hero-in-the-making who hasnthad a woman in roughly a thousand years . . . A wise guy with a time-warped sense ofhumor drilling with the boys . . .A dyed-in-the-wool romantic with ahopeless crush on his seriously hot, hands-offsuperior officer . . .You get every womans dream-mancome true And even though hisadjustment to the modern rules of lovemay be a bit . . . rough, the outcomewill most definitely be . . . Wet & Wild

Wet and Wild

Illustrated: No

Format: Paperback

Height: 0.96 inches

Width: 4.19 inches

Length: 6.75 inches

Weight: 6.42 oz

Pages: 384