Two Graves

Douglas Preston  Author

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Two Graves


ISBN: 0446554995

EAN: 9780446554992

Category: Fiction / Thrillers / General/Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Release Date: 12/07/2012

Synopsis: After his wife, Helen, is brazenly abducted before his eyes, Special Agent Pendergast furiously pursues the kidnappers, chasing them across the country and into Mexico. But then, things go terribly, tragically wrong; the kidnappers escape; and a shattered Pendergast retreats to his New York apartment and shuts out the world. But when a string of bizarre murders erupts across several Manhattan hotels-perpetrated by a boy who seems to have an almost psychic ability to elude capture-NYPD Lieutenant DAgosta asks his friend Pendergast for help. Reluctant at first, Pendergast soon discovers that the killings are a message from his wifes kidnappers. But why a message? And what does it mean? When the kidnappers strike again at those closest to Pendergast, the FBI agent, filled anew with vengeful fury, sets out to track down and destroy those responsible. His journey takes him deep into the trackless forests of South America, where he ultimately finds himself face to face with an old evil that-rather than having been eradicated-is stirring anew... and with potentially world-altering consequences. Confucius once said: Before you embark on a journey of revenge, first dig two graves. Pendergast is about to learn the hard way just how true those words still ring.

Two Graves

Illustrated: No

Format: Hardcover

Height: 2.0 inches

Width: 6.25 inches

Length: 9.75 inches

Weight: 26.14 oz

Pages: 480