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The Reprisal

Author:  Kenneth Tam

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The Reprisal


ISBN: 1926817397

EAN: 9781926817392

Publisher: Iceberg Publishing

Release Date: 01/10/2012

Synopsis: The third novel of adventure set upon His Majesty's New World. After two relatively successful missions on the new world, the b'ys of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment are enjoying some well-deserved rest. The quiet, however, is not destined to last, as the blue enemy has lost its tolerance for the meddling of the British Empire and the United States. As a new military force moves against the British Selkirk Mandate, Waller, Smith, Emily, Caralynne and the b'ys must mount a response, and hope they are not playing into the hands of a clever, determined foe. It will require all of their wits to survive THE REPRISAL...

The Reprisal

Illustrated: No

Format: eBook - EPUB