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Bewitched Viking

Sandra Hill  Author

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Bewitched Viking


Series: Viking I Ser.

Volume: 5

ISBN: 0062019007

EAN: 9780062019004

Category: Fiction / Romance / Historical / General

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Release Date: 01/19/2011

Synopsis: Even fierce Norse warriors have bad days.Twas enough to drive a sane Viking mad, the things Tykir Thorksson was forced to do--capturing a red-headed virago, putting up with the flock of sheep that follows her everywhere, chasing off her bumbling brothers. But what could a man expect from the sorceress who had put a kink in the King of Norways most precious body part?If that wasnt bad enough, Tykir was beginning to realize he wasnt at all immune to the enchantment of brash red hair and freckles. Perhaps he could reverse the spell and hold her captive, not with his mighty sword, but with a Viking mans greatest magic: a wink and a smile.

Bewitched Viking

Illustrated: No

Format: Paperback

Height: 0.96 inches

Width: 4.19 inches

Length: 6.75 inches

Weight: 6.56 oz

Pages: 384