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Preachers Fire

William W. Johnstone  Author

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Preachers Fire


ISBN: 0786021276

EAN: 9780786021277

Category: Fiction / Westerns

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation

Release Date: 12/28/2009

Synopsis: A Mountain Man In Disguise A big city like St. Louis is the last place where a mountain man like Preacher would pick a fight. But how else will he get at the ruthless power broker who is using fear and bloodshed to take over the Western fur trade? A Killer In Control Shaving his beard, posing as a greedy hayseed from Ohio, the Preacher comes face-to-face with Shad Beaumont--who is leaving St. Louis with an army of hired gunmen. . .with the Preacher on his tail. And A Fire Thats Just Begun To Erupt The odds couldnt be worse and the battleground couldnt be better. For the wild frontier is no place for fancy plots or poor disguises--but a fine spot for a killing ground. . .

Preachers Fire

Illustrated: No

Format: Paperback

Height: 0.81 inches

Width: 4.13 inches

Length: 6.69 inches

Weight: 5.29 oz

Pages: 320