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Justice for Colette

Jacqui Kirkby  Author

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Justice for Colette


ISBN: 1843587610

EAN: 9781843587613

Category: True Crime / Murder / General

Publisher: Blake Publishing, Limited, John

Release Date: 04/30/2012

Synopsis: When Jacqui Kirbys 16 year-old daughter Colette went missing just minutes after leaving home, her mother knew instinctively that something was very wrong. Colette had left to walk to her boyfriends home but never arrived. The following morning her body was found by her elder brother Mark. Colettes body had been arranged in a provocative pose and left by a hedgerow. What Mark saw that cold October morning would haunt him for the rest of his life. The police launched one of the biggest manhunts ever seen and the inquiry was to last over a quarter of a century. Colettes killer, Paul Hutchinson, not only managed to evade capture but also led a double-life, slipping back into a respectable position in the community as a charity and childrens worker. After Jacqui appeared on Crimewatch to appeal for information the police were provided with many leads but still no killer. While the investigation continued Jacqui was tormented by ghoul hunters and pranksters who taunted her family with crank calls. Paul Hutchinson even sent police ripper style letters in which he wrote youll never catch me. But the police did catch him, using a relatively new technique of DNA profiling. The chance arrest of Pauls son, for a minor motoring offense, years after Colettes murder led cold-case detectives directly to Pauls door. After 26 years he was now cornered. Colettes murder not only robber Jacqui of her daughter, but also her marriage and, at times, her sanity, but she never gave up hope. This is her remarkable story of how she never gave up on getting justice for Colette.

Justice for Colette

Illustrated: Yes

Format: Paperback

Height: 0.79 inches

Width: 5.0 inches

Length: 7.6 inches

Weight: 7.23 oz

Pages: 274