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How To Feel Great At Work Every Day

Author:  Deborah Brown-Volkman

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How To Feel Great At Work Every Day


ISBN: 0595856179

EAN: 9780595856176

Category: Health & Fitness / General/Self-Help / Personal Growth / Success/Body, Mind & Spirit / General

Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.

Release Date: 02/26/2007

Synopsis: "You are reading this book for a reason. Something in your career is not working-you are unhappy, tired, or stressed out. It's time to try something different."
-Judith A. Rose, certified hypnotherapist, licensed clinical social worker, and registered nurse

"If you are tired, your body is asking for help, and a few small changes can go a long way."
-Holly Anne Shelowitz, board certified nutrition counselor, whole foods chef, and corporate health educator

"When you feel great, anything is possible. You benefit from high-energy, focus, and the ability to make better, stronger decisions about your job and career."
-Bob Mittleman, owner, Fitness Together Personal Training Studios, and eight-time marathon runner

What is your energy level like at work? Do you find yourself dragging during the day and craving sugar, caffeine, and other highly processed carbohydrates for energy? Let author Deborah Brown-Volkman show you how you can have high-energy even with a hectic schedule and busy life.

How To Feel Great At Work Every Day guides you through creating a practical plan to finding more energy to fuel your career. Instead of complicated suggestions and ideas, this book offers easy-to-understand steps you can implement in your career today.

How To Feel Great At Work Every Day

Illustrated: No

Format: eBook - PDF