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Heroes of the Santa Fe Trail: 1821-1900

Author:  Randy D. Smith

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Heroes of the Santa Fe Trail: 1821-1900


ISBN: 2370004212

EAN: 2370004212586

Publisher: Boson Books

Release Date: 01/01/2012

Synopsis: Heroes of the Santa Fe Trail is the product of decades of primary research by a writer who has lived all of his life in the shadow the Trail's legacy. This book tells the dramatic story of the men and women-Hispanic, Anglo, and Native American-who settled the West and provides insights not commonly found elsewhere. From the Hispanic Jaramillo and Chavez families of the Rio Grande Valley to the legacy of Ham Bell, a nonviolent man who made more arrests than any Dodge City lawman, Heroes relates the violent, comic, and often tragic adventures of the pioneers of the early Santa Fe Trail.

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Heroes of the Santa Fe Trail: 1821-1900

Illustrated: No

Format: eBook - EPUB