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Firestorm : Destroyermen

Taylor Anderson  Author

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Firestorm : Destroyermen


Series: Destroyermen Ser.

Volume: 4

ISBN: 0451464389

EAN: 9780451464385

Category: Fiction / Science Fiction / General/Fiction / Alternative History

Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group

Release Date: 09/29/2012

Age Range: 18-null

Synopsis: BURNING WATERS Designated Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, Matt Reddy must now contend with a new threat; the Dominion--humans whose lust for power matches the Grik. But even though the Grand Alliance recognizes the danger of the Dominion, it must deal with the land-based Grik first, leaving the Imperial navy--and USS Walker --with little assistance. As war rages, more Japanese ships come through the time-space maelstrom that the Americans call The Squall. One is a Hell Ship, carrying prisoners of an Imperial Japan that is growing ever more ruthless in the face of looming defeat. Escorting it is a new, state-of-the-art destroyer, whose officers recognize no rules of war. Fighting on two fronts, Reddy is plunged into a firestorm of loyalty, betrayal, and sacrifice. But nothing can prepare him for a devastating new Grik weapon--a weapon that could wipe out all who oppose them...

Firestorm : Destroyermen

Illustrated: No

Format: Paperback

Height: 1.21 inches

Width: 4.12 inches

Length: 6.75 inches

Weight: 7.62 oz

Pages: 464