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D-Day in the Ashes

William W. Johnstone  Author

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D-Day in the Ashes


ISBN: 0786020784

EAN: 9780786020782

Category: Fiction / Science Fiction / General/Fiction / Action & Adventure

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation

Release Date: 07/29/2009

Synopsis: As the Southern states win over one ally after another, Ben Raines and his warriors are asked to play cops in a world dominated by criminals, gangs, and cannibalistic punks. Now, Raines and his army must engage in an all-out war of liberation across a time-ravaged Europe--one bloody mile at a time. Reissue.

D-Day in the Ashes

Illustrated: No

Format: UK- A Format Paperback

Height: 1.04 inches

Width: 4.18 inches

Length: 6.74 inches

Weight: 6.74 oz

Pages: 400